After all, if you use their one or all the names,It is inevitable that someone thinks that it is hidden conspiracy.。

And too Xuanxiang people are imperative,Has been recognized by everyone。
I will not provoke too many unscrupulous,Concern。
Teaching name“yin and yang”,I gradually spread in the Sajien。

Big black sky,Taoist just digested the last time,Wake up from。
A Qing Yunxiang’s moral air floating in the top,Let him feel slightly。
Although there are also tonifying morality,But there are too many this time.。
People sit at home,Benefits?
Not only beneficial,He also heard some sounds like a tide。Taoist people listened,I will distinguish it。
“Congratulations,Give me a child。”
“Ask for ancestor bless me high school。”
“Ask for a child, give me a good marriage。”
“Ask for ancestor to help me make a fortune。”
He still doesn’t understand at the moment.,Some people communicate with his name,Junction。
But in human missionary,No matter how the teachings are high,Temple,The last believers will take this“Askon、Marriage、Square to make a fortune……”
As for the teachings,They listened to it.,What should I be obtained?。
Taoist abandoned those noises,About those morality,Think in mind:“So many morality,What is the spiritual treasure to refine?。”
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Taoist takes out the chaotic god from the insect nest,Devil by the Wanxian Chamber of Commerce,He also got the refining method of chaos。
The morality is full of yin and yang、Moral actions,It is an important thing to refining the ethics of yin and yang.。
These two can be combined。
Of course, the people will not refine what chaos gods in the gourd。
Just take the essence。
His hearts silently flowing over the refining method of chaotic gods,The means of chemically open chaotic gods is understood,Take the mirror,Looking for a very deserted but a fire。
Taoist shakes,Appearing on the stars。 This is both a star,It is also a big fireball with a bears.。
Taoist is sitting,I have a flame in my eyes.。His coat,Head, a clean morality,Yinyang Avenue,Ruyi, a quiet and natural morality,Town、Fire,God soul clear。
Not only morality from yin and Yang,And believe in the heart of the incense,Just give a fire in Yinyang Avenue,Just become a pure power,Improve。
But I see Yinyang Avenue God into a gold bridge.,Live around the surrounding Stars。
Taoist sitting on the gold bridge,Take out chaotic god,Will sacrifice,That Jinqiao’s suppression of the stars, such as the waterfall, can generally do not flush chaotic god crystal。

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