What kind of person is he?Luo Yi is full of doubts,Quietly downstairs。When passing by grandma’s bedroom,She heard the conversation between grandma and Ali。

“Ali!I think this Xia Jian is very good,If you can get along with Luo Yi,I can stare in the ground。Do you think this happened?”This is Grandma Luo’s voice。
Just listen to Ali:“grandmother!Of course this is a good thing。Mr. Xia is very capable,Nice person。It’s just that he is not young anymore,I don’t know if he has a girlfriend”
“I seem to have asked him,He said there is no wife,I still don’t have a girlfriend。Look at my memory,I forgot all about it”Grandma Luo’s regretful voice came from the room。
At this time,Luo Yicai understood the pains of grandma。From beginning to end,Grandma is trying hard to match them up,It’s just that she didn’t quite understand at first。
Now she is tempted,Also understand。But Xia Jian is not as simple as they thought。He should be a man with a complicated history。
Luo Yiben wanted to open the door of grandma’s room and walk in,But I changed my mind。She went back to her room quietly。She had insomnia all night,My head is full of the shadow of Xia Jian。
First2091chapter Fulfilled my wish
When Liu Changgui was on holiday,Wang Youcai told him to leave early。After all, he has a wife and children,The year is almost done,Let people go back,It’s also a good thing to reunite with your family early。
Wang Youcai kept Tian Baby,Selfish。One is that Tian Wa is single,Nothing happened after I went back。Stay at base anyway,Even if I sleep every day,He also has a salary。Wang Youcai thought he said this,Tian Wa will thank him。
Unexpectedly, Tian Wa glanced at him,Sighed and said:“Wang Ge!Freezing,What are you doing?,Just put it all!Of course,You can stay”
“I want you to make more money,Why are you still unhappy??”Wang Youcai asked in a low voice。
Tian Wa smiled and said:“Thank you brother Wang!I’m not young anymore,Take this winter moon free,Go home and have a good blind date,If you get married”When Tian Wa said this,I scratched my scalp with embarrassment。
When Wang Youcai heard this, he understood,It seems that I have used my hard work in the wrong place。In this case,Leave a shit。Wang Youcai laughed twice and said:“Ok!Since you have business,Then go back early!Don’t stay alone”
“Well!I will inform everyone now,What about this month’s salary??”Tian Wa walked to the door,Turned around and asked softly。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“You make up the salary table tonight,I will go to the city tomorrow,I will bring my salary watch when the time comes。Rest assured,As long as you do the work,He won’t be less for a cent”Wang Youcai is quite confident about this。
Because Hu Huiru’s money,Always very happy。So everyone likes to work here。Tian Wa heard what Wang Youcai said,Smiled and left。
Yao Chunni brought the dinner to Wang Youcai,He sat in the warm house and had dinner。The tableware is brought by Liu Ying,Wang Youcai seized this opportunity and said:“Come here after ten in the evening!Cold weather,Everyone goes to bed early”
Liu Ying blushed,Head down without speaking。Watching Liu Ying’s back,Wang Youcai knew,Although this woman didn’t speak,But already promised him。


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