However, this is originally“Gentleman”sword,exist“camel”Afterward,Instead, many strange changes,Plus the wooden peak is still poisonous,Joint hands with Duan Yanqing,It seems that it is lacking with the sky,However, it is not good to deal with。

Chu Dee,Slightly worried,Until, I found that Duan Zhengming still is still temperament,With an enemy, no fall,This is loose。
Look……Duan Zhengming in this world,Also some“A lamp”Nature,Duan Zhengming in Tiandong is stronger more than one!
First see yourself,Even the woods that were second only to the boss,There is no Nai Zhi Zhengming,Other people are also eager。
After all, here is Dali City,Really layer soldier、Strong bow is coming up,Everyone wants to give,Therefore, the other party is more afraid to drag。
See the other party wants to do,Chu Deirers shouted for Yue Lao San:“Fans,See how you can’t give birth to the teacher?Don’t break the rules of the South Sea,Do the turtle son bastard?”
I saw the appearance of Yue Lao Sanzi.,But there is no other way,The voice of the boss of the patriarch to Duan Zhengming passed over:“Old three,This person is lie to you,Let others deal with him!”
Duan Yanqing’s vocal tape was abolished,Now is using“Belly language”Vocalize,Nor, because of the opening of the opening,Can be hired while“Say”……
However, Yue Lao San is obviously a person who recognizes the mortality.,I saw that his five senses twisted down,Shout:“I am so angry、I am so angry、I am so angry!”Then, with that sadness,Jumping out of the Zhennan Wangfu。
“waste!”Duan Yanqing is relied。
And I haven’t seen it yet.,The two strongest two,It is blocked by Duan Zhengming.,More than Yue Lao San is even more“Not fight”,Other people don’t have more nonsense.,It’s going to look at it.。
Chu Dee people have no melting“Fuse”,It is just to be entangled in the cloud.!
One is my own number of roads,Just restrained this,Two……Light power in the cloud,If you let him show,Maybe you are dragging your big output here.,Be“Back row”Be considered or controlled。
Ye Mi Niang looks crazy,But the hard work is dead.,But Duan Zheng greeted it.,Also completely——Although the eighth year of the year is the flow rate,But in the rivers and lakes,Segment two is not white!
Sha Tong Tian and Hou Tonghai’s martial arts,In fact, there is no end in the heart of Chu Deirers.,Nothing for people in this world,However, in the eyech eye,They should not be together。
But from the knight list,I have to see the peak of the peak.,Chu Deirers doubt these“Should not be together”Man,Today is all in the same rivers and lakes,Their martial arts should be tapped,otherwise……Chen Na South、Feng Xi Fan,At the moment, it is a double male、Quick knife prayed 6 levels?How can I get a list?
This is the same as the peak of the wooden peak,The faintness is only weak than Duan Yanqing.,“Humplore”Not only the number of roads,And the dance between the dance is the curved sword……
And Sha Tong Tianhe Hudonghai,exist《Shot》Although it is a ugly,But hard to rank in the entire rivers and lakes is not weak.,At least not weaken from the usual five disciples,At this time, the four family members of Duan,Can only block the two bits of the Yellow River。
In addition to,That is the primary school group——Qinhong cotton、Gangbao、Knife white phoenix tearing。
And not only the vegetables of primary school students、There is also the mouth of primary school students……
These three people get together,Naturally each small mouth honey,Full-field is fragrant。
I only feel,“Baby”Duan Zhengqi yet,More awful, you want to desperately,Fortunately, there is Duan Yu to go inside and outside,Even if he will not kill martial arts now?,But the primary school students can’t make big problems。
On the other side, Mu Yuqing now only wants to figure out his identity.,Under indignation, even blocked“Gupac”……
And Qin Honghua can’t live in the daughter,Also going to the truth,Completely sat up the identity of Mu Qingqing!
If it is the month ago,Say that there is no good wood, you have to be happy, you have a mother.,only……Now Mu Yuqing just got well,So fast“A brothers and sisters”,Look at this“Last straw”Instead, sitting on your own identity,Mu Yixin is very sad……
“This is not true、You are all lie to me.!Lied to me!”
Only listening to Mu Yuqing yelling,Then I lost my surrounding chaos,Rating straight from Zhennan Wangfu。
“Gentle!”The original gradually achieved the advantage,Disaggregate,Ye Erdiang。
Chu Deirers also want to stop,However……Why don’t I do a Chu?,But Chu Deirers can also win quickly,I can only look at the wood and Qing.。
Thinking of she may be short,Chu Deirers are also urgent,A period of time,Chu Deirers are very sympathetic,What’s more, Chu Deteren is not a selfish person.,Even if it’s so common?,It’s not a matter of truth。
Original Chu Deirers don’t want it now“Anyang finger”Integrated,After all, there is no other suitable material.。


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