At this time,Although the final will be held two days later,But Yokoshima Little Tree must say something。

“Lu Menglin,You use your mental tactics well!But i won’t be fooled。I will try my best to defeat you!”Yokoshima’s little tree’s voice is a bit loud,But it sounds to others,How come there is a feeling of hoarseness?
Hengdao Xiaoshu took Lu Menglin’s victory just now,See it as a psychological and tactical victory,He doesn’t admit that Lu Menglin’s true King of Fighters surpasses himself。
This is an explanation that sounds unconvincing,Very reluctant,Also very ideal。
Maybe this is the typical Japanese cultural way of thinking!
They worship the strong,Never give up,Refuse to admit that the skills are inferior to others,Attribute the reason of failure to Xinxue,Once learned the skills,Will back up immediately。
“Oh,Do you know what i’m thinking?”Lu Menglin asked rhetorically with a smile on his face。
Yokoshima little tree did not speak,Hojo Tadao who stood beside him also did not speak,Both of them stared intently at the opposite boy。
“I’m thinking,In what way is more fun to play?with all due respect,Just your level,I can probably win with my feet!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
The audience was in an uproar,What followed was a burst of laughter。
Although no one believes,The terrifying devil Lu Menglin can really beat the king of fighters with his feet,And also win,But as long as you think of him playing games with his feet,It’s really super graphic!
“You want to humiliate me?Do not!You want to shake my heart of victory!You devil,I will defeat you!”
Yokoshima tree looks a little flustered,He also seems to think of someone playing a game with his foot,Hurriedly shouted。
“Forget it,Let you bounce for two more days,Wait to be played by me!”Lu Menglin said rudely。
Everyone present can see it,This mouth-cannon king is more than just a good mouth-cannon,When he gets arrogant,That’s really arrogant,No one can match。
At night,Executive suite on the top floor of MGM Grand。
The beautiful marble bathtub is filled with hot water,The soft lighting illuminates the living room as bright as daylight。


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