Qin Feng drove to the vicinity of Zhang Lili’s house。Since the latter is missing from here,It should leave at least a hint, right??

Unfortunately,He is not a creature with a particularly sensitive sense of smell。so,It is unscientific to find Zhang Lili by smelling the smell from this place。
Qin Feng drove his car on the road around here for about half an hour。
Then the Detective Bureau responded,There is nothing suspicious on the road,Especially when it was discovered before and after Zhang Lili’s disappearance。
In other words,If Zhang Lili didn’t get lost by herself,It should have been taken away from the hills nearby。To know,There are still many mountain roads around here。
Qin Feng get off,And then prepare to find it from the nearby mountain road。To know,There are many small rivers around these villages。I think it’s a place where some mud legs opened up by themselves when I went to the mountains and the countryside decades ago。
But even if there are villages,The development around here is definitely still incomplete。At least you say if you go hunting in the mountains now,It’s not necessarily without gain。
But the same,If there is any place to hide,The mountains around here may be a good choice。Qin Feng couldn’t guarantee that there would be no real people living in these places nearby.。As for using technology products to determine the traces of these people?
The coverage of the signal tower is naturally not so wide。
Even if you use satellites, you may not be able to capture the shadows of these people.。
“Mr. Qin Feng,Do we need some members to cooperate??”The agent couldn’t help asking when he saw Qin Feng wanting to enter the mountain。
“No need to,Those people are not something ordinary agents can deal with。if possible,I hope you can deploy a little manpower to help me protect Jiang Yan’s girls。”
Into the Forest
Rear,Qin Feng feels like he has returned to the feeling of doing a task a few years ago。Although he was a mercenary back then,But due to individual combat,It often evolves like a killer。At least he still needs to avoid hunting in the forest,then.Deny。
In short,He is still adapted to the lifestyle in the mountains and forests,Now I can’t help but remember。
Qin Feng didn’t walk far when he entered the nameless hill,It took just over an hour to find a beaded chain in a place that was not opened up。
“This thing looks a bit like the jewelry in Zhang Lili’s hand!”Although Qin Feng has never seen Zhang Lili,However, there were left-behind personnel in Zhangjia Village who showed relevant photos to Qin Feng.,The latter remembered the details of this blue bracelet at a glance。


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