Tian Lu in front of you,Full of mystery,I found that I wanted to explore her more and more。Obviously need money,But pretending to be extremely upright,Could it be that all girls on earth are like this“Duplicity”?

Ye Xingkong’s eyes are dimly bright,Watch her curiously,In his eyes,Tian Lu is different from other girls。
He wondered,Why didn’t Tian Lu tell him directly about the lack of money?,Lend or give some money,It is easy for Ye Xingkong,Tian Lu refused to speak,What are you thinking in your head?。
Ye Xingkong crossed his chin,Standing there thinking,Ok,Nothing,See what tricks you can play。
Tian Lu brought Ma Zha over for dinner,Sign Ye Xingkong“Do you want to come and eat together?”
Ye Xingkong has no confidence in the food they cook to open up the taste buds,Plus, I have been with Chen Limu for a long time.,Chuckled,Replied“Have eaten in the apartment restaurant。”
The meals are simple,The dishes and taste at Ding’s restaurant are too different from myself,It suddenly occurred to me that I felt distressed for the two girls in front of me for dining。
These two girls are like thieves in the small building,With his life treatment,A local disparity。
Ye Xingkong suddenly thought,If you act as a master in this house,The logistics of food and accommodation for the two girls in the small building,A family waiter will take care of it。
but,Based on multiple considerations,Can’t use logistics yet。
He suddenly had an extreme desire for power,I want to be a man of the Ding family,Only with weight can they give them a better life。
How to become such a person,The current status is all because of Ding Kelan’s aura,He wants to have a place in the company,Grasping more equity will naturally have a position。For fame and profit、The ambition of power gradually came out。
When leaving the small building,Ye Xingkong calmly placed a bank card next to Tian Lu’s bookmark,See two girls having dinner in harmony,Eat well for a while,Turned and left。
Tian Lu has sharp eyes,Walk over to the place where Ye Xingkong just stopped,Secondary card found,Hurriedly catch up with Ye Xingkong,Shout“Ye Xingkong!stop!”


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