Feng cusp of the Chinese Consumers Association expressed Feng Chao overtime charges

“Feng” cusp of the Chinese Consumers Association expressed Feng Chao overtime charges
According to the China Consumers Association, the determination of overtime charging standards should refer to the public service price management method, and it cannot be resolved through a market-based mechanism simply.On May 13th, according to the China Consumers Association website, the China Consumers Association said that community property and smart express box operators, courier companies, e-commerce platforms and other operators provide consumers with smart express boxes to provide related services, one-to-oneClearly inform consumers of free storage periods and service charge standards and other matters related to consumer interests, and obtain consumer consent.  China Consumers Association: Overtime charging cannot be resolved simply through a market-oriented mechanism. The China Consumers Association issued a document that pointed out that the smart express box service is a refinement and extension of the service conversion of the express delivery industry.However, its setting serves the growing number of cell consumers at the expense of cell public resources, and therefore has the property of cell public service.  At the same time, the China Consumers Association also mentioned that the intelligent upgrade and transformation of the internal delivery box of the community should be regarded as a “new infrastructure” project and part of public consumption.  The “Administrative Measures for the Delivery Service of Smart Express Boxes” implemented on October 1, 2019 put forward relevant requirements for smart express box operators to set a reasonable free storage period.Set up the smart express box service provided to consumers within the community, appropriately replace the property service business scope of the community, pay the service fee separately within a reasonable storage period, and properly complete the service connection outside the storage period.  Regarding the charging problem, the China Consumers Association pointed out that for the need to use the smart express box service beyond the deadline, the charging standard should be determined with reference to the public service price management method, and cannot be resolved simply through the market-based mechanism.  Almost China Consumers Association, large-scale continuous discussions on the issue of Fengchao charges recently, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and other administrative agencies began to express their views on Fengchao.  According to a report by Jiangsu Radio and Television Station, the Jiangsu Post Administration stated that express cabinet charges are market behavior regulated by the market.Yang Yuexin, director of the Market Supervision Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Post Administration, said in an interview that first of all, it must be qualitative. If the courier did not obtain the user’s consent, he dropped it into the smart box. This is an illegal act.  In the same way, Zhejiang Post also expressed its position that consumers have expressed their consent to the placement of smart express boxes, secondary charges, and other suspected violations of the law. They should give full play to their mandatory linkage mechanism and take legal measures in a timely manner.  For express delivery companies that use smart express boxes for delivery, Zhejiang Post Bureau said that it is necessary to urge related companies to announce before delivery and obtain the consent of the recipient before placing them in smart express boxes.For shipments that cannot be properly delivered after two delivery delays, and need to be placed in the smart express box, the recipient’s consent is also required. If the recipient does not agree, the shipment should be returned.  ”Please do not invest” violations, experts: express companies should adopt different incentive models in multiple administrative agency locations, all of which should obtain user consent before using smart express cabinets.  Sauna, Yewang recently verified the State Post Bureau regarding Fengchao overtime charges and other issues. Although the State Post Bureau has not expressed its position regarding Fengchao overtime charges, as early as July 19, 2019, the State Post Bureau has passed the “Smart Express Box Delivery Service Management””Measures” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”), “Measures” has been implemented since October 1, 2019.  This means that, according to regulations, the use of corporate express delivery for smart express boxes requires the consent of the recipient. If the recipient does not agree, the delivery service should be provided according to the address agreed in the express service contract.Despite the introduction of the measures for a long time, Sauna and Yewang have found in many visits that there are still many couriers who “don’t ask for their own investment” after claiming that the users agree.  In doing so, express delivery expert Zhao Xiaomin said that now the delivery model of home delivery or home delivery cabinets, many courier companies’ incentive model is too simple.The mainstream is home delivery, but many old-fashioned houses do not have elevators, the delivery path of the community is very long, and the income gap between the courier and the courier is also very large.  ”In the past, there was no express cabinet, but it was placed at the door of the community, which resulted in too many disputes. Now the express cabinet is placed and it can be placed in a centralized manner.”Zhao Xiaomin suggested that in this case, the courier company should use a completely different incentive model, in these areas the courier company has a lot of room for improvement.  Feng Chao’s overtime charging storm events ● On April 30, Feng Chao announced that the associated smart courier cabinet will be online for member services. Overtime courier will receive 0.5 to 3 yuan fee.  ● On May 5th, the wave of resistance began, and a notice was issued by the owner committee of Hangzhou Dongxinyuan Community to announce the reset of Fengchao Express Cabinet.  ● On May 6, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other communities successively announced the termination of Fengchao.  ● On May 8th, postal administrations in Hangzhou and other localities made consecutive voices, and the users should get their consent before delivering.  ● On May 9th, the “Feng Chao Smart Cabinet” WeChat public account issued a posting letter to users.The letter responded to the “12-hour storage period” and other issues.  ● On May 13th, the China Consumers Association issued a document saying that the intelligent upgrade and reconstruction of the initial delivery box of the community should be regarded as a “new infrastructure” project, and the total public consumption should be allocated.


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