Five types of water yoga to lose weight and detox

Five types of water yoga to lose weight and detox

Water Yoga, as the name suggests, is an innovative form of exercise that precisely combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses.

At present, tens of thousands of people in the United States are keen on water yoga, and many swimming pools in Japan have also established water yoga fitness programs, but they are still in their infancy in China.

  Yoga water depth 1-1.

2 meters is more suitable for mastering the posture, rhythm and exhalation of the yoga posture, especially in the mastery of breathing skills.

The biggest difference in posture between underwater yoga and terrestrial yoga is that in addition to mastering the body, practicing yoga in water also needs to understand how the body and water get along.

  Yoga in water can make full use of the characteristics of water tension and buoyancy. Through the bending of water, you can exercise people’s strength, endurance, and shape a perfect body. Through the buoyancy of water, you can exercise people’s flexibility and reduce sports injuries.Be applicable.

  Tip: Yoga in water: the depth of the water cannot exceed the abdomen, and the depth of the water is 1-1.

2 meters is more suitable. Among them, there are many major movements. If you can persist in doing water yoga for a long time, you can not only adjust the posture of the human body and the physiological curvature of the spine, but also make the entire human body develop to a streamlined shape.It is to shape the curve of the abdomen, feet, chest, chest, shoulders and hips.

  Asana one: half-moon insertion position, inhale and lift the right arm while raising the right leg, exhale to the left and forward.

Do the same on the other side.

Keep the effect for three seconds: The half-moon pose reduces excess fat on the side waist, beautifies the lines of the legs and arms, and strengthens the leg of the country.

  Posture 2: Single leg and lower hips-slightly, low back pain is straight, focus on the right leg, lift the left leg on the step, inhale vertically to the top of the top, exhale forward and downward to use physical strengthStick it on your left leg.

Do the same for the right arrow leg.

Hold for three seconds.

  Efficacy: balance the body, shrink the spine, reset the toes.

Promote digestion and benefit lower body.

  Note: Keep your knees straight and keep your hips upright.

  Asana 3: Start the basic principle of the tree pose, that is, put your feet together, palms inward, your arms close to the outside of the left and right thighs, and then lift your right heel to the abdominal groin and upper thigh area.Place your right leg firmly on or your thigh, while standing with your left leg balanced on your hips, with your palms folded, arms straight, and holding your head high.

Hold for 30-60 seconds.

  Efficacy: Beautify contour lines, prevent sagging chests, and improve concentration.

  Key points: Force your abdomen and legs.

  Asana 4: Basic advantages of Warrior II.

Exhale deeply. Your feet are as big as your shoulders. Your arms are flat on both sides, parallel to the ground, your left knee is straight, your right foot is turned 90 degrees to the right, and your left foot is turned 15-30 degrees in the same direction. Do not exceed 30 degrees.Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground and your calves are perpendicular to the floor and thighs. Then try to gradually go out with both hands to the sides. Turn your head to the right and look at the fingertips of your right hand while breathing deeply. Minimize the muscles behind your left calf while keeping30 seconds.
(Repeat) Effect: It can make leg muscles flexible and reduce the praise of paralysis in this area.

  Note: All muscles are tightened.

  Asana 5: Align the latch type (side waist type)-put your left leg on the step, grab your left foot with your left arm, lift your right arm with your inhalation, and lift your right arm with your right arm.On the left hand.
  Efficacy: stimulates massage of the liver, blood circulation of the spleen, and corrects the residual bad posture.

  Note: Ribs are turned up.


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