Vegetable prices rose one after another around why? How many times?

"Spinach ten dollars a pound, the meat of your fast to catch up!" In Xicheng District, Beijing, a fresh supermarket door, Aunt Wu repeatedly lamented the public. Since October, the country and more vegetables continued to rise, the individual vegetable varieties and even "worth" double.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetables from October 18th to 24th is 12% per kilogram, which is 12% from the previous week, including broccoli, eggplant and caravan wholesale price rose%,%, and% respectively.

Analysis of the industry, this year is the time when the "hunger gap" of summer vegetables on the market has basically ended, a small amount on the market fall and winter vegetables, reduce market supply, vegetable prices will bring.

"This year, heavy rainfall and low temperatures and other adverse weather, seasonal fluctuations amplified the price of fresh vegetables.

Guo Liyan, director of the comprehensive situation of China’s Macroeconomics Research Institute, said that since the middle and late September, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, etc., continued to low-temperature rainy weather, resulting in slowing the growth of vegetables, and the field humidity has increased the pest harm, multi-earth vegetables The area is delayed, and even reduced production, the price of vegetable vegetables increases.

Beijing Xinfang market staff introduced that spinach as an example, affected by continuous rainfall, the spinach produced by Liaocheng, Shandong, is soaked. At present, there are only a small number of greenhouse spinach in Liaoning, and the market supply has been greatly reduced, and the price is high.

In addition, experts pointed out that in my country’s vegetable production districts and sales areas are relatively separated, and heavy rains have inconvenient to harvest and cross-regional transportation, and the cost of acquisition and logistics cost increase, the price fluctuation amplitude is also enlarged in the short term. Since this year, fertilizers, vapor diesel prices have risen, and further raise the production of circulation production.

In order to ensure that people "food basket" carry comfortably, multisectoral have recently introduced a series of initiatives related to insurance for price stability.

Agriculture and Rural Department official said it would organize experts and agricultural workers went to the fields to guide farmers to strengthen field management, improve stress resistance and high yield vegetables, low temperature for the cold weather that may occur late, guide the implementation of vegetable cold insulation , open field vegetables simple measures such as covering the disaster prevention and mitigation. At the same time, guide the affected area and the large-scale structure and planting scale, and develop fast-growing leaf vegetables, bud seedlings, and increase market supply.

"Ministry of Commerce, pay close attention to the market supply and demand in the country and distribute the epidemic area, price changes, the strengthening of early warning monitoring on the basis of the deployment of local authorities in winter and spring for the necessities of life insurance market stable price, timely delivery government reserves, and urge enterprises to strengthen trade and business sales convergence, increasing the number of stocking focus sessions.

"The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said on October 28.

Local governments and companies are action – Beijing study the development of major agricultural products wholesale market transaction fee waiver program, direct approach to reduce transaction costs and transport operators on the driver; a number of Shanghai wholesale suppliers linked through well, "rural lack of food off dishes up "in order to increase the supply of passenger and vegetables; Gansu, Inner Mongolia and more set up a special working group material support and work together to strengthen the deployment to ensure stable market supply information …… Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Research Associate Zhang Jing analysis, follow-up with the vegetable production can be restored, to postpone the listing of some vegetables concentrated market, the overall supply of vegetables in autumn and winter is guaranteed, part of the price later varieties are expected to fall.

"Agricultural input prices and transportation costs remain high, coupled with the meteorological department forecast this winter will form a La Nina event, extreme weather may occur, resulting in pressure affect prices high for vegetable production in some areas still.

"Jang said.

Experts suggest that around to make reasonable arrangements for cross-sourcing and distribution, timely supply of local fresh vegetable consumption, improve the mechanism for winter storage vegetables, Take Measures to make the necessities of life insurance stable price for vegetables.

  (Reporter Wang Yu Xiao, in quiet, Anbei; participation Written: Wang Jing).


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