as predicted,Water Army in Wang Lin’s flag,After burning, the high-long grace is a pontoon and ships that have retired.,Go to the long,No one kills one person,No one hurts one person

“Big brother,You are with me.”
Everyone has some wonderful induction。Gao Chang said that Gao Biyi said that he used to use Liu Yu to Wei Jun.。
If the water army supports the shore of Huaihe River,Gao Boyi dispatched a rebound army gradually advanced,It seems that you will be payable.
“Qin Fang Tai,You now go to Zhou Jun Daging on the exhibition in Shenzhou.,Help me bring a letter,You are a weak scholar,Sword sword,Don’t come back。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS531chapter Fate(middle)
If Gao Bi is just let Wang Lin send a water army to cut off Gao Changgong,That is too small to see him.,That is also too low to estimate the long history of this past life.“Introduction”NS。
In order to deal with Gao Changgong,In order to give yourself a lifelong unforgettable lesson,Gao Baoyi can be described as a solution。
Just in Wang Linjun destroyed the second day of Huaihe pontoon and vessels.,Wang Lin’s affection,I personally took a batch of important“goods”
In fact, some woodworking materials and iron chain iron ropes,Woodworking is temporary,And the hardware piece of the iron cable,For Wang Lin, a great model of the water army,It is not a matter of event.。
“High-governor,Everything has been delivered,Go back。If there is a fault,Directly send people to Fuyang,No need to run a trip。”
Lu Na is doing a speech against Gao Baoyi。
“Thank you,All the way。I live to Wang Yizhen。”Gao Bao said with polite。
Lu Nagi nodded,I walked in a righteousness.。This battle,Gao Baoyi and Wang Lin’s relationship is more closely,They are in the hands,Natural attitude cannot be the same as before。
Come to the big camp,He saw Yang Su with that army,Every fifty people are a team,In a group of five groups,Every group is doing the same job,Different groups,The task arranged is different.。
Although busy,But everything is in order。
“This standardization and modularization proposed by the main public,Indeed。Although it is a woodworking,But different parts can interchange,Unfortunately, nothing to resist,I’m unbearable for one or two.。”
Yang Su is a pity that。
It is worthy of helping Yang Jian to establish a big cattle.,Gao Baoyi is secretly emotion,Others may also think of the image of the object design in the clouds.,Only Yang Su sees standardization and modularization is the core
“Originally, I used to pick up the section.,I didn’t expect to spend the first time.,It’s completely destroyed after this battle.。”
“The main public said that this kind of tactics has been used.,But it is really easy to use,As long as you can prepare in advance,The restraint cavalry is not here。”
What is Gao Bao ready??Zhou Jun is mainly,How to deal with the tens of thousands of installed cavalry??This begins to start from the tactics of the stepper cavalry that gradually emerged from the North and South Dynasties.。
The power of cavalry lies in maneuver,Especially heavy cavalry,Once the movement is lost,Its cumbersome disadvantages will be unlimited,The shortage of horses have shortage time short, revealed。
As long as you don’t move,Cavalry is a living target,This is the idea of the infantry cavalry,Everything is to let the cavalry start slowly。
Starting from the two Jin Dynasties,That kind of weekday can install food,When you are fighting, you can use the infantry bunker.“Box”,Slowly, it is favored by the steps in the Southern Shanda。
This kind of box car is a wooden board for transporting military food.,But there is iron cable before and after,Can connect to each other,Military array line,The last defense line of hysteresis cavalry,Not the forefront,Its role is the bottom as a military array,Do not let the enemy’s heavy ride will be worn by the infantry army。
What is a breakdown?,Lanling king into the array,Said is a high-rise,This is not a breakdown,Because it is possible。
If breakdown,Call。As a big enemy tens of thousands of military,That is, the defeat of the other party,Make it lost combat sequence。
As long as the enemy cavalry broke through the front infantry line,After deceleration, reach the location of the box,I can’t move again.。At this time, the cavalry lost the speed.,Archmost,Those ferocious heavy rides will become like a lamb。
certainly,This is just basic tactics,Can also be installed on the car to install the thread pointed,Even sharpening bamboo poles,Used to kill enemy,certainly,The array of array will be less than the same.。
Anyway, something is that thing,But how to use,I still see the command level of the general。One sentence,In the master, it is the Shenbing Worker.,In the small white hand is a suicide artifact。
Create a batch of boxes of car on weekdays,But Gao Baoyi thought a good way。
Batch production standard parts,Then use standard parts assembly,Everything is constructed according to drawings
Yang Su did not go this time,That is, in the wood workshop of Fuyang, the box is supervised.。After a period of trial parts,Sample vehicle debugging,Modify the drawings,Finally settled。
Ancient qualified blacksmiths,Forging weapons need to accumulate for many years,However, qualified woodworking is very easy to find,Many farmers’ furniture,It’s all made by yourself.。
It is a classic example of small farmers.。
“Yang Su,This battle you are responsible for the command boxes and related soldiers,Listen to my number。How to act at present,When is the iron rope,When is it unlocked?,When is it?,You are all ordered。

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