Nine Forbidden Great Demon God’s Nine Handed Swords Are Tragic。

Red Lotus Sovereign Punch,Seem ordinary,But the power of a sun star is restrained in a Mars,At the moment of colliding with the saber,But it broke out completely。
The Nine Forbidden Demon God took three steps back,Sect Master Honglian only took a half step back!
but,On the fist of Lord Guren,But left a blood stain。
“Haha,It turns out you will get hurt too。。。”A strange smile appeared on the face of the Nine Forbidden Demon God,“Die!”
Turned into a bitter sword formation,Crazed and slashed directly around Red Lotus Sect Master。
This kind of fighting method,The Nine Forbidden Demon God is good at。
By contrast,Sect Master Honglian’s methods seem to be much more low-key and simple,Pat out with one hand,But it doesn’t leak,Firmly blocked the Nine Forbidden Great Demon Sword Formation。
The other hand,But a distant wave,Control the Red Lotus Nine Worlds again to form a formation。
He knows very well,If someone really deals with himself,But it’s by no means as simple as the Nine Forbidden Demon God。
Nothing else,The three big thousand ancestors,The eight world realms under his command are probably quite equal.。
crucial moment,Still have to do it yourself。
First trap the great thousand ancestors,Let the eight world realms under his command form a big formation,Join forces to besiege the Nine Forbidden Demon God!
As for himself,It is to practice the method of combining the body into one,Divine body mana is ten times stronger than the normal world,Even if you use the formation method,It’s not too big。


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