Although Wang Hong has played a crossbow before,But the talent is mediocre,The head will drop drastically if it exceeds 30 meters,Only within ten meters is sure to hit the key,So he didn’t rush to shoot。

Can be planned better than change,The woman who was hunted down,I found him 20 meters away。
See Wang Hong holding a crossbow,Facing her direction,Shouted immediately in horror:
“艹!”Wang Hong was angry with his teammates,Shoot the crossbow without hesitation。
Just listen“Whoosh”A bang,A black metal crossbow,Like lightning,Shoot at the man in black behind the woman。
Both are under the tree at the moment,Not many obstructions,Even though the man in black is nearly 30 meters away from Wang Hong,But caught off guard,He still hit his right arm with an arrow。
Although I didn’t get the shot,But Wang Hong is not worried at all。
Because the groove line of this crossbow arrow,There are a lot of sodium cyanide particles,This earth star is famously poisonous,Definitely not what normal humans can resist!
Man in black furious after being hit by an arrow,About to kill the spoiler,Suddenly dizzy in my head,Almost fell to the ground,Experienced him,I guessed that I was poisoned in an instant!
The man in black roared,Immediately pull out the crossbow arrow,Hard with dizziness and nausea,Take out a packet of powder and sprinkle it on the wound。
I just don’t wait for him to do more,Seriously injured young man,Already rushed towards him,Wielding an epee and fighting in spite of it。
And the woman who ran away,I also understand that I was stupid just now,Smiled awkwardly at Wang Hong,So he turned to help her brother,The man in black who has greatly reduced the siege。
The man in black who was entangled by the two can’t scream,The powder he used is obviously a high-end antidote,But I met sodium cyanide,But it can barely delay the spread of toxicity。
As the battle time grows,Not only did the limbs start to feel weak,Even breathing becomes more difficult,If it wasn’t for the Zhen Qi in the body to suppress it,,I’m probably dead。
Men in black affected by toxicity,Body shape getting slower and slower,Wang Hong got the chance,“Whoosh”The sound of,The second arrow shot instantly,It happened to get into the root of the black man’s thigh。
Injured nearby,The man in black let out a scream,At the same time, he understands that he has no chance to survive,Heartbroken,Ready to pull the little guy on the tree to death。
It’s just that Wang Hong is so desperate,How can I put myself in danger?


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