versus‘Son of Metaverse’The gods and demons who have fought know,He can only shoot one or two arrows a day,And the process of bending the bow and the arrow is meticulous,But no one knows that he can use the bow without bending the arrow,Turn arrows with gods,And urge the ebony bow,This is when he has been trapped in the town magic tower for a thousand years,A concealed method that was only figured out after being bored and sleepy,Tyrannical。

When the black and white world driven by the black thread cuts over,Pan Mang in mid-air was stunned,He missed it and there was a madman,This madman may also give everything away when he is inexplicable,He has no choice,The black long stick in the hand immediately moves forward,Retreat。
But it’s not that easy under Yuan Huang’s arrow,Panmang’s second long horn was cut into two without hindrance,I didn’t keep one arm,The cutting space is too fast,If Pan Mang hesitated a little, he would cut two paragraphs,Half stay in Wumingshan,Half to the unknown world。
‘Son of Metaverse’With one’s own strength, one after another severely damaged two famous great gods and demons,He didn’t expect,If in the past,Can definitely boast of the heavens,Under the blessing of supreme glory,Must become the overlord of one party。
In the mortal world,In this general trend of the destruction of the heavens,He just did something against his intentions,If this is also a victory over self,Then he will be dumbfounded,He didn’t want to agree to Dayan’s trust,Because he hates Sun Tiangang,He doesn’t like Li Tianzhi,Although the other party treats him well,Opened the small world to him,Benefited him a lot,But he doesn’t want to accept any love,Only at the critical moment,He did what he didn’t like to do unconsciously,Saved that guy,At all costs,‘Son of Metaverse’Before falling,Countless thoughts flashed in my mind,Figured out,Didn’t figure it out,Chaos,He can’t fight anymore。
Li Tianzhen in the pit even though I don’t know what happened above,But clearly felt two terrible breaths,I also noticed the reappearance of Yuan Huang Arrow,Foresee‘Son of Metaverse’Will out**bother,No more reservations,The seven monsters in the small world are all dispatched,Even the two-headed scorpion who fled in the wasteland was released,Li Tianti jumped out of the big pit with his mobility impairment。
Six monsters will be unconscious‘Son of Metaverse’Surrounded,Each exudes a strong breath,The only mutant unicorn that advanced in the small world suddenly rushed to the northeast of the ruins of the underground palace,There is a cloud of gray mist,Now and then,It is Pan Mang who was just injured。
The reason why Pan Mang didn’t leave,Because there is a clear judgment in the mind,Definitely not‘Perish’So slippery and incomparable,‘Son of Metaverse’Lost combat effectiveness,Li Tianzhen is seriously injured,He still has the initiative in the battle,the more important thing is,Bei Ming’s body has just completely escaped from the space rift,It only takes a short time to pass the period of weakness,Even though Li Tianzhen is full of tricks,I’m afraid I can’t escape death,He only needs to grit his teeth to survive this short tens of breaths of time。
“come back!”Li Tianzhen yelled at the unicorn in his divine consciousness,Immediately afterwards‘Son of Metaverse’Take it back to the gods,His knowledge of the sea has also been severely hit,Very unstable in the small world that has just returned to life,Otherwise, the leaf knife will not be dull。
He ordered the Golden Mountain Eagle to retrieve the leaf knife,Then retreat decisively,A more powerful breath came to the depths of the ruins of the underground palace,Also a terrifying opponent Bei Ming,From Li Xiucheng’s limited memory, he finally learned the identity of the other party,He turned out to be the King of Northern Shura,The cultivation base is stronger than the Great Asura God of South Asura。
Chapter one thousand and twenty-nine Old hooligan wins
The King of Northern Shura came quietly into the world of mortals through the gap in space,This is a very alarming thing,Li Tianzhi knows,The space rift in the underground palace has happened twice like this,Once was the swordsman of the blood race,to this end,Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu made a lot of preparations,Using the blood sacrifice method unique to the blood race,Can barely paralyze the will of the world。
But this time the problem is big,It was a big god and demon that came through the space rift,They have no priestly means,How to cross the barriers of the world?How did you hide the will of the mortal world?
If ordinary creatures travel through time and space passively,It’s an accident to come from a space rift to other worlds,Or called spatial overflow or traversal,This is not uncommon,Some time ago,The arrival of alien creatures that often occur in three space rifts,Is the performance of this overflow,Because of the weakness of the species, it will easily pass through the barriers of the world,It’s hard to attract the attention of the will of the world。


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