Jin Yimei and Dragon Ball greeted me,Say hello to Xia Jian。At this time,Xi Zhen and Heiwa,And Lin Wei came in carrying a few boxes of fast food。

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This damn Du Sanniu,Try to solve this problem。If it is a transfer,Aren’t these troubles the whole province。But so far,Too much is useless。
Xia Jian followed Fang Jiyuan,Followed by a box of fast food。Then made a simple deployment。He asked Xiao Xiao to call Du Sanniu first,They said it was Qian that they could mention it at four o’clock in the afternoon,But let their related personnel arrive early,Everyone goes through the land transfer procedures in advance。
Du San Niuguo on the phone was unexpectedly angry,He yelled on the phone to abandon the appointment。Xia Jian on the side grabbed Xiao Xiao’s phone and only said a few words,This guy immediately became honest。
After hanging up,Xia Jian asked Heiwa to carry two big bags,Then there are two packs of Dragon Ball,Xi Zhen two bags,The rest is carried by Lin Wei。Jin Yimei and Xiao Xiao also brought a bag,Only Xia Jian is empty-handed。
These bags are all in the trunk of the jeep,By Xia Jian, Heiwa and Dragon Ball,Xi Zhen Escort。Xiao Xiao and Jin Yimei were in the other car,Driven by Lin Wei。
Two cars,One after another, they drove towards the Black King Village。Black King Village in the suburbs,So the car has been walking for about an hour,Just arrived at the entrance of Heiwang Village。
Close to the city,Naturally has its geographical advantages。There are more than 500 households in Heiwang Village,More than two thousand population。It’s the larger village in the natural village。
The village road leading to the village committee can only pass a car just now,But the road is a bit clean,The village looks very clean。
The village committee of Heiwang Village is a small courtyard,There are several brick houses in the east and the north。Heiwa just stopped the jeep,Du Sanniu has his hands behind his back,Walked out in a dress。
Xia Jianyi saw this man,Anger can’t help but surge,He pushed the car door and jumped down。Whispered to Du Sanniu:“Will you die if you don’t be a demon??Why cash?”


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