Can you stick to New Year’s ambitions?

Can you stick to New Year’s ambitions?

Lack of perseverance is not the only reason.

The latest brain research shows that most people set goals too easily.

If you want to increase your chances of success, set your goals higher.

  Just less than two Tuesdays in 2011, you may have difficulty sticking to your New Year plan. Your plan may be to lose a few pounds of meat, strengthen your organization, or find a better job.

It’s not just you.

The ambitions created during the new year always seem to inevitably turn into bubbles. A recent study showed that 49% of Americans admit that although they made various vows in early 2010, they waited for a year to pass and their livesNothing has changed as a result.

  Dark Matter Consulting is a management training organization based in Chicago, USA. Is the company’s CEO David?

Caesar points out that this is partly because we often have an ambivalent mood about our goals.

Caesar said his mission is to “help leaders become stronger and overcome the problems that currently waste them.

“Everyone’s heart is like a committee, and members of the committee always quarrel with each other.

So when you want to make a change, some members fully agree with the change and are ready to do it; other members do not, “Caesar said.

  Lazy “little people” often beat hard-working “little people”.

“This is because if you don’t change, you can almost always get some sweetness,” Caesar added. “So the key is to figure out what this sweetness is and find new ways to get it, or change it.Cheng gets as good as other rewards even better.

“Some say finding a job is difficult and often frustrating; according to it, homes are more fun to go online at home.

In progress, Caesar said: “If you pay attention to the beauty after you find a new job, you can overcome this problem.

Once you find a real, heartfelt reason to do the job, you’ll gain momentum.

“Overall, it’s because change often brings unpleasant emotions.

As the late American writer John?

Updike once said: “All changes are losses and there is no other way.

In the same way, if you give up your current job, it also means that you will face unfamiliar surroundings and work content, which may make you uneasy and you may not even want to admit it.

“You need to accept this fear and move on,” Caesar said.

Fear is just a feeling, and feelings are not lethal.

“Also, do you think your New Year goals are set a little too high?

A recent neurological survey showed the opposite: your goals are not challenging enough.

The name of this report is: “The Difficult Goal: The Secret from Reality to Ideal”.
(Hard goals: secrets from where you are to where you want to be).

  The report’s author is Mark, the CEO of Leadership IQ?


Leading IQ is a research and management training organization based in Washington State. Large companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Merck, and MasterCard are its customers.

Murphy expects in the report: “The harder you aim, the better you will perform.


Murphy goes down, even if there are all kinds of things in our daily life that will cause us distractions, but if we set our goals higher, then it will “generate more thoughts”.

Murphy quotes molecular biologist and brain scientist John?

Medina’s words: “The more the brain pays attention to a particular stimulus, the more sophisticated its coding process will be.

“So Murphy says if” the importance of a goal is set just right, “then it will spur you to learn.

“It will mobilize your brain, stimulate some neurons, excite you, and fully wake up your underlying consciousness.

If you can easily achieve a goal and you don’t learn anything in the process, it means that your goal is not set high enough to fully mobilize your brain, so you will not always have meaning to it.
“If you make a determination in the new year, and you feel that this determination cannot expand your current skills, let you learn new things, nor can you use your imagination or mobilize your passion?
Murphy pointed out that there is only one way-increase your goal by 30%.


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