Ovarian cyst Chinese medicine treatment formula

Ovarian cyst Chinese medicine treatment formula

Composition of Xiaoyu Guiling Decoction Enema Formula Guizhi 10g Soap pricking 12g Pangolin 10g Red scallion 12g Triangle 15g Peach kernel 12g Curcuma chinensis 15g Angelica 20g Poria 15g Raw yellow radish 12g Safflower 6g Amaranth 10g Frankincense 10g Myrrh 10g Myrrh 10g10g Bupleurum 10g preparation is used to decoction the upper medicinal water and mix it with 2 juices and concentrate it to about 50ml. After the temperature is replaced by about 38C, take out the medicine solution with a 50ml syringe and then connect the anal canal.

Before the enema, empty the stool and irrigate about 200ml, let the patient remove the supine position, and keep the liquid for more than 1 hour. If there is a will, replace the chest and knee position for 5-10 minutes.

It is usually irrigated once a night, and those with acute symptoms may be irrigated twice a day.

The remaining liquid can still be taken orally in portions to increase the effectiveness.

7-15 days is a course of treatment, usually 2 courses of treatment.

  Adapt to the symptoms of ovarian cysts unilateral, bilateral, mixed, substantial, etc. In all cases of irregular vaginal bleeding, fluid, abdominal pain, anal bulging and other symptoms, peripheral blood is mostly high.

  Judging that ovarian cysts are more common in married young women, most of the TCM syndromes are phlegm and stasis in the collaterals.

The self-made anti-perspirant Guiling Decoction was cut from Fuyuan Huoxue Decoction and Zhongjing Guizhi Fuling Pill, and added Sanling, Curcuma, Saponaria, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc. to strengthen the functions of removing blood stasis and reducing phlegm.

Through rectal cancer, toxic drugs go directly to the clinic.

There are certain advantages.

  Application of this prescription should pay attention to simple cysts, plus plum, gallic, tianshen vine, morning glory; mixed cysts, leeches, ground maggots, hive; abdominal pain, anal bulging, red vines, spoiled grass, cat ginseng, rattanPear root; appetite, white greasy tongue coating, Pinellia ternata, bile star, white mustard, dried toad; abdominal distension, constipation, add betel nut, modified rhubarb to grow rhubarb; lower blood, add calcined squid bone, madder, fairy cranegrass.


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