Drinking coffee before breakfast can speed up burning in adults

Drinking coffee before breakfast can speed up burning in adults

Many people think that it is easy to gain weight by adding meals in addition to three meals. In fact, as long as scientific meals are added, it will not only cause weight gain, but also help to lose weight.

  Drink coffee before breakfast: A study by Vanderbilt University in Nashville found that drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can effectively control your appetite, allowing you to feel full after eating only 75% of your previous food intake.The speed of small burning is accelerated by 5%.

This is due to xanthine, a heat-generating substance in coffee, which also provides sufficient amounts to the body.

  Calcium supplements for breakfast: 600 mg of calcium (300 mg each for breakfast and lunch) can help the body speed up the consumption of adults.

Scientists have found that women who eat this way have 22% more body weight than women who do not receive calcium, 61% more pregnant women, and 81% more Palestinian pregnant women.

  Drink a glass of plum juice before going to the bathroom: anthocyanin mixed with plum can help the body effectively excrete feces and toxins.

Drinking a cup of plum juice can greatly speed up your body’s “cleansing” process, and the liver can also quickly and completely expel substances that may cause excess in the body.

  Eat peanuts between breakfast and lunch: Scientists have found that those who eat peanuts weigh twice as much as those who do not eat peanuts.

Studies show that if you eat a handful of peanuts a day, you will lose 333 calories in conversion.

  Eat fermented food at noon: Researchers have found that eating fermented foods, such as steamed buns and sandwiches, is not easy to age, and can last at least 1 hour longer than ordinary food.

This is because during the fermentation of food, starch and sugar are broken down into components that are not easily digested. The digestive system needs more time to digest it, and you will not feel tired easily.

  Come with a spoonful of honey in the afternoon: Honey can adjust your blood sugar to a normal level within 20 minutes after consumption, and can maintain this normal state for 2 hours, reduce the sense of high temperature, and soothe your mood, allowing youMaintaining a good mood.

  Eat big almonds for breakfast: A recent study by Purdue University, Indiana, USA, took individual individuals at risk for diabetes as research objects, and added American almonds to their breakfast. The study found that their insulin sensitivityRising blood glucose levels and satiety increase, all of which should alleviate the symptoms of glucose intolerance.


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