China Consumers Association appeals: Multi-party joint maintenance of consumers during the epidemic

People’s Network Beijing March 15th is the 38th International Consumer Rights Day, the China Consumer Association, People’s Network hosted, the people’s health, China Consumer Newspaper Co-organized "2020 3 · 15 International Consumer Rights Day" online Theme activities, theme "Uncommete you and I". "

At the event, the CONERVICE CPD said that during the prevention and control period, the Central Consumption Association and the local Consumers Association will issue initiatives under the guidance of the market supervision department, strengthen consumption guidance, take joint action, actively accept complaints, strengthen legal interpretation, and appeal to multi-response Working, jointly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. China Consumers Association said that during the prevention and control period, China Consumers Association issued an initiative to guide the operator to take the initiative to take responsibility, properly deal with consumers ‘reasonable appeal, guide consumers’ scientific and epidemic prevention, rational shopping, safeguarding rights, and active supervision. According to the development of the epidemic, strengthen the consumption guidance of key industries such as masks, disinfectant, etc., shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., home appliance repair, catering takeaway and other key industries, timely release consumption tips, warnings.

At the same time, China Consumers Association jointly all kinds of industry associations, carry out a support of the anti-vloal, donated anti-vloal materials, and guarantee market supply. In response to the amount of incidence of disease-related consumer complaints during epidemic prevention and control, the social reflection is sensitive, quickly accepting complaints, talks about key enterprises, publish typical cases, and actively maintain consumer rights. Inviting relevant experts to answer questions on issues such as legal applications, strengthen policy law, help consumers increase legal knowledge, and do rights according to law, rational rights.

"China Railway Corporation, Air China and other airlines, Tongxi, Ctrip, Meituan" The departments and industries launched a degradation policy to reduce the loss of consumer loss, and effectively protect the interests of consumers.

The Central Construction Association believes that the hotel, ticket unsubscribe, house lease, education and training contract changes during the prevention and control of the epidemic control, involving multiple departments, various policies and different laws, regulations, relevant departments and community in policies and laws There is different understandings in applicable. If you organize one party, it is difficult to ensure that all kinds of problems are properly resolved.

At the same time, the relevant parties have actively supported, aggregating strength, reaching consensus, joint promotion, and effectively safeguarding the fair order of the market, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. (刘清) (Editor: Liu Qing, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.


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