“It really is……”

Yan Bixia unsailed sealing paper,This time no luxury,Pour in a bowl to taste,Then grabbed several cooked beef plug imports:“Your kid,Have this good wine,I will come to see me now.,I am afraid that I am already in my name.。”
“Yan heroes good eyes,I am now repairing,I don’t dare to say more.,But it is definitely lost than you.。”
Liao Wenjie reached out more,Raise your hand to touch the wine,I want to pour myself into a bowl.,Vangentian ruthless shot,The latter said that he only recognizes people.,This two altars have been surnamed Yan。
Stinky,Live the poor road to take your name out of the chaos。
Next time!
Liao Wenjie despise,Tap an altar from the red umbrella,Give yourself full bowl。
Admission to the world of old friends,He prepared a hundred altarians,个。
True friendship,Even himself is touched。
“You said that you are slightly strong.,I am a little not believed.,Waiting for this meal,We went to the backyard to make a look。”
Taste the beauty of the gold liquor,Yan Biai is deeply sensitive. Liao Wenjie is too good.,I don’t have to do it.,Light drink can become strong,But my heart is still uncomfortable.。
As the first sword,Yan Bixia does not say,The arrogance is better than anyone,Think about two years ago, I can’t help my ass helping behind him.,Now Youth is getting out of blue,After he is behind him……
Yan Chi Yan 唧,Eat Liao Wenjie,Drinking Liao Wenjie,I still have to give you a good look.。
Liao Wenjie looks in the eyes,Touch inexplicable,For others, don’t know,I must have a few big pockets on the spot.,Let the other party know the things of land gods,Yan Chixia、Nine uncles a class of people is another matter,He likes to drink the sea with these people.。
“correct,Yan Hexia,I remember,You said to go to Lan Ruoji,How to run this poorer?”Alcohol,See Yan Chi Qixia’s face gradually,Raw wine reform slow wine,Liao Wenjie asked。
“The opportunity is coincidental,I didn’t want to understand at the time.……”
Yan Bixia direct missed,Pursue。
Two years ago,He and Liao Wenjie join hands,First destroy,Rethinking a tree,Finally, in addition to the disaster, the souvenir is a Cihang。
The children of Pudu Cihang account for the body of civil and military,Yan Chixia is restless,Lear, the emperor has also been unpredictable,Leading the world’s chaos,I went to the capital to aim.。
Because of the ritual book、Prince Taishi,When the teacher Fu Tianrege,The emperor has added to Yan Chiqia,If you want to let him stay in Jingshi。
Very normal,The last person with a monster magic magic is very powerful as Pudu Cihang,Although it is a demon,But it also demonstrates what the power of the world is。
This year,Whether it is the House of Emperor,Or ordinary person,People are extremely respectful for the practice of high-strength practice.,Pudu Cihang is the best example of the national teacher。
Turn around,Pudui sang a big magic,Also empty full of civil and military,The emperor is angry and shocked,Dragon bed is sleepless。
Pudu Ci is a national teacher,In addition to his skills,Another thing is that the emperor has no choice but to the world’s demon disaster.。
certainly,Never rule out the emperor to fight the monk,I am afraid of awakening,People still,Gone。
or,妃子 怀 龙 种,But one check,He has never turned over a brand for a long time.。
all in all,In this dead world,There is a highly practice in the championship.,No Pudu Cihang,There is also true martial art。
Pudu Cihang,The emperor has no sense of security,I want to find another high person。
just,Because Fu Tianrege,Yan Chige entered the vision of the emperor,Killing the world’s first sword in Pudu Cihang,After that, everything is fine.。
Yan Biai is not happy,His sex wild,I don’t see the 尔 虞 虞 堂 我 我,But with big love in his chest,I am afraid that I will still have a Ci Cihang.,Retirement and then stay in Beijing。
Emperor ate lesson,Don’t dare to make a national teacher,Hang Yan Bixia hangs a duty of a temporary worker,Similar to Lin Chong’s 800,000 banned turtle,Responsible to teach several emperors。
original,Emperor is thinking about himself,Why did you have a bad body?,Plus some of Pudu Cihang‘Fairy’,Body every day。He weighs the pros and cons,Leave the opportunity to the future,I think about the new emperor in the escles,Yan Chi, a name,Location is not high, not low, just good。


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