“Is it because of Ahao’s appearance??”

“Can’t tell,Be careful anyway。Although I only met this kind of person once,Can be impressive,Just give him a sigh,It will be endless。”
Li Tianchou nodded,Thinking of Zhang Zhiqiang, I can’t help but think of the empty space in the dream、Barren Gobi Desert,I remembered the only camel thorn that could represent life,I remembered another Li Tianchou and his entrustment。
Can’t remember how long I haven’t seen the picture in my dream again,It’s just that the colors in the picture have changed from dark cyan to bright golden yellow inexplicably,It’s like countless moons suddenly rise on the Gobi Desert。His vision is obviously not adapted to this change,Suddenly feel a tingling in my heart,Suddenly turning around,So I closed my eyes quickly,But the strange thing is that the picture that just appeared out of thin air suddenly disappeared without a trace.,What remains in my mind is the image when Wu Fang turned his head just now。
Open your eyes again,Li Tianchou quickly moved his gaze out of the side window。At this time the sun has already slanted,The golden afterglow is scattered with vegetation on the roadside,The undulating mountains in the distance are reflected particularly strikingly,Full of three-dimensional beauty。His face changed,Muttering,“Didn’t I just see the Gobi Desert?。”
“What are you talking about?What in the Gobi Desert,How can your kid be so muddled in the afternoon?”Wu Fang turned his head and glanced at Li Tianchou,Focus on the road ahead,Obviously didn’t notice the other party’s abnormal reaction just now,“Is there a problem with your gunshot wound?Don’t be aggressive。”
“Nothing,You got it wrong。My little injury is not worth mentioning。”Li Tianchou waved his hand,Sloppy,“correct,oldAIs there any progress on the news over there??”
Wu Fang’s face was slightly stiff, imperceptible,But soon returned to normal,“No progress,This old bastard hides deep。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Twelve Night into Yunshan
Hidden deep?Li Tianchou savored these words carefully,No more words。The subtle changes in Wu Fang’s expression naturally did not escape his eyes,Maybe the brother who helped has really encountered something?But the other party didn’t go on to say,Li Tianchou is inconvenient to ask。Maybe you can find the answer when you get to work with Xie Man。
Grand Cherokee speeding all the way,The two didn’t talk much。Until the sky is completely dark,The car has entered the rugged mountain road。Li Tianchou squinted,A lot of energy,But Wu Fang at this time is holding back and uncomfortable,He lit a cigarette,I also threw one to Li Tianchou,“Still have to talk,Otherwise, I will be sleepy and have to lie on the steering wheel,How about you open a paragraph?”
Li Tianchou lit his cigarette and laughed,“I’m going to drive,Can’t bully the injured。”
“My grass。Then just say something,Talk about you Yuxing,Talk about old wishes、Zhang Wen and that You Shilong。”Wu Fang complained,Had no choice but to find a word。
“You’ve seen everything in Yuxing,What can i say,Let’s watch after this difficulty。”Li Tianchou was choked by smoke,I rolled down the car window slightly,A cold wind came through the window,The temperature inside the car dropped a lot in an instant,The two suddenly became more energetic。
“Overwhelmed?You are quite confident?Wipe all buttocks,Not necessarily older than dealingAeasy。”Wu Fang curled his mouth and shook his head。


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