Understand the meaning of Chen Geng’s words,Barron·Hilton immediately happily said:“no problem,Of course, no problem,Mr. Fernandez,Do you think we can sit down and talk about the specific lease agreement??”

Hilton all over the world100Multiple hotel properties,But not all belong to the Hilton Hotel,In fact,Hilton properties worldwide,Have more than70%All leased,Self-operated properties account for less than30%,This is understandable,How expensive is it to build a hotel。
Although I am very optimistic about China World Tower,Barron·Hilton also hopes to be able to buy the property,But when Chen Geng spoke、After making it clear that their property is not sold directly,I also hope that Chen Geng, a mysterious and powerful oriental wizard, can accept the consecration of the Hilton family.、Barron who was able to give asylum to the Hilton family at a critical moment·Hilton,I closed my mouth tightly:Rent it,Just Fernandez·Chen agrees,Everything is easy to say。
Chen Geng didn’t expect Barron·Hilton actually promised so happy,But since Barron·Hilton said so,He didn’t hesitate,Thought for a while,I seem to be fine this afternoon,Chen Geng Tunnel:“How is this afternoon?”
“This afternoon?no problem,”Barron·Hilton said immediately:“Of course, no problem。”
Wait for Chen Geng to hang up,Ding Ruoyan was surprised:“I heard it right?Barron·Mr. Hilton is going to open the Hilton Hotel in China World Tower?”
“It’s no surprise, right?”Seeing Ding Ruoyan in shock,Chen Geng smiled:“China World Trade Center is the best and most outstanding large-scale comprehensive office building in China’s capital,Both property management and positioning meet the requirements of Hilton Hotels,And it’s the most prosperous in Beijin、The most central location,If Hilton Hotel hopes to land in China as soon as possible、And let myself complete the renovation of the first hotel in China as soon as possible、External business,Choosing China World Tower is the best choice for them。”
Paused,Chen Geng’s domineering way:“That is, the current occupancy rate of the China World Trade Center is not very high,In addition, the positioning of Hilton Hotel is still in line with the positioning of China World Tower,Otherwise, see if I can agree with the old man Barron to let the Hilton in.?”
Ding Ruoyan couldn’t help but stick out his tongue。
Although she also admitted that the China World Trade Center is the best business center in the capital and the entire country,But probably because she hasn’t been very rich since she was a child,Facing international luxury hotel chain giants like Hilton Hotels,She always feels a little inferior subconsciously,I always feel that Hilton Hotel chooses China World Tower“Get married”Up,Chen Geng as the owner of China World Trade Center,Facing the Hilton Hotel“Get married”,Must be cautious,lest“goddess”I turned around and left when I was unhappy。
But now I hear Chen Geng say,She suddenly realized that she was wrong:Who is this man in front of me?He is the richest man in the world today,Successful career,Facing existence like Chen Geng,What qualifications does a Hilton hotel have to consider itself as“Get married”?
She is a little embarrassed。
Chen Geng,Apologetic to Ding Ruoyan:“But this way,I don’t have time to accompany you this afternoon。”
“You busy you,”Ding Ruoyan hurriedly said:“Just right,I went through the company procedures in the afternoon。”


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