US extermination rebounds have new diagnosis of more than 100,000 states in the medical system

  China Xinwang December 12th According to Singapore "Joint Morning Post" on the 12th, the US new crown epidemic rebounded overall, and the number of new days in the past seven days, and the number of people after two months, the inpatient and death will also surf. , The situation of the Duzhou epidemic will be severe. New crown diagnosis and death in the United States have been rising, especially in the southern state, cold weather flooding after wintering, causing people to make viruses more easily. In addition, there are 25 states in the United States, there are O’K戎 cases, and the path of anti-vloas is added. According to the US Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC), as of seven days from December 8, the number of new cases of the country has risen to more than 118,500, increasing% from the previous week; in the same week, averaged 1000 days average Cases of death increases than the previous week. The US Health and Public Service Data show that the new crown in the United States has increased by 40% from the previous month. Since Thanksgiving, the seven days of New York has increased the number of diagnosed and hospitalized numbers, and it has risen by 43% and 29% respectively. The unbearable medical system has an elderly trend to prevent winter epidemic, New York Governor Hobh, announced that people in indoor public places must wear a mask.

The violation industry will might face civil and criminal penalties, and each violation is a fine of 1,000 US dollars.

The new measures are implemented from the 13th and then evaluated on January 15. In New Mexico and Michigan, the medical system has been uneven.

Medical staff also pointed out that new crown patients have a young trend. Doctor Philport, the doctor of San Juan District, revealed that there are many men in patients with sick new crown, and they are not vaccinated by men in more than 30 to 40 years old. "You can see the ward is immediately filled, and you can’t stop the moment to pack the mood of these patients … I think this is why half of the staff is gone.

"Michigan’s most severe hospitality has surged 88% in the United States, the current epidemic of Michigan is the most severe. In the past month, the number of hospitalizations has surged 88%, including medical supplies, including ventilator, and face shortages.

  Michigan Health and Public Services Minister Hetel said at the press conference at the press conference at the press conference on the 10th that the state government applied to the federal government to call ventilator and other emergency medical materials. The state’s comprehensive health care organization revealed that in the case of death, 75% were not vaccinated with new crown vaccines. Other diseases have been vaccinated, but they have been inoculated for more than half a year. The state’s vaccination rate is low, accounting for about a population, and the current growth trend is estimated, and it is now extremely tight medical system will "collapse".

  The health officials of Connecticut have said that the risk of immortal infected new crown is five times higher than that of inoculors, and the hospitalization risk is 12 times, and the risk of death is 16 times.

  Experts have repeatedly emphasized that the best way to fight new crown is to vaccinate vaccine and strengthening needles. % Of the US-in-in-in-law conditions have been completed, less than one-third inoculated additives. (Editor: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).


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