And Leo’s flashing speed has reached 30,000 meters per second,The gap is still big。

How sharp is the eagle’s eyes,When Leo flickers,Already noticed,With the blessing of seeing and hearing and domineering,Reacted immediately。
Black spots appeared where Leo attacked,Immediately resisted Leo’s slash。
No surprise,Armed color and hard feathers blocked Leo。
Gantt has been completely animalized,Ability in all aspects will be improved,Same feather,It’s stronger than human form defense, not a little bit。
Only full animalization is the real animal devil fruit。
Although he could not attack Leo,,But the sharp eyes of the giant eagle swept across Leo’s body,Fly again。
Another few seconds,The great eagle attacks again。
Leo turned completely passive and could only flash once again to attack behind Gantt,Just attacking。
http://www.sxdfzj.cnnot good,This guy sees the flaws in my flashing ability!”Leo’s heart sank suddenly。
This guy keeps attacking,In fact, he was lying to use the blinking ability。
His flashing ability puts a heavy load on the body,The use interval of more than ten seconds has less impact。
And the giant eagle does not give Leo more than ten seconds at all,The interval between each attack is only five or six seconds。
“Damn!”Leo was forced to keep flashing attacks。
After a few times,Leo’s body began to glow red,Same situation as using two consecutive flashes。
Every five or six seconds interval,Too much load on the body。

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