See each other soon,Li Tianzhi was a little cramped and uneasy,Suddenly there was a picture in my mind,Still that familiar nightmare,In the sandy canyon,A group of young people sitting around an old man resting,They trek for a long time,Exhausted,Almost everyone was injured in the fierce fighting,The old man’s appearance is very hazy,Can’t see clearly。

I don’t know when,Li Tianzhen was awakened by old man Dong,Finally ended this bumpy journey,He was surprised that he could still fall asleep inexplicably in such a state,I can’t help but feel a little confused,Look around,A lush gray building with a low-key appearance and color in the eyes,Feel a little,You can find that there are secret guards and guards everywhere in and around the building,Can’t help being surprised,This reminded him of the secluded life after he returned from his mission to Southern Yunnan。
A short stop in front of a three-story building,The middle-aged man quickly completed various procedures,Old man Dong and Li Tianzhen finally met one of the two old men in a bookish office,Ouyang Tianpeng。
The old man has white hair,Slightly blessed,Although it’s over 80 years old,But not very old,Red face,Spiritual,Reading attentively,I don’t care much about staff reports,Wave your hand casually,Let Li Tianzhu and two wait on the outside sofa。
Li Tianzhen is worried about old man Dong being irritable,Old man Dong worried about Li Tianzhen’s arrogance,Dismissive,Unexpectedly, both of them are quiet,Waiting silently,Not impatient,At least it shows that calmness。
The old man finally released,Take off your glasses to soothe your temples,Li Tianzhen carefully observes the old man’s face,I want to find out similarities to the old man shivering in the quilt from the nightmare picture,But unfortunately,No。
“My time is limited,Let’s just say what you want。”Old man very happy,Also very direct,He knew in advance that there were visitors today,But it’s not clear what kind of people and things are,I don’t seem to bother to ask the identity of the visitor。
Li Tianzhen and Old Man Dong looked at each other,Old man Dong still speaks first,“disturb,We are part of the security department,I want to know about an old case 20 years ago,Is the thing you returned from abroad。”
Old man blinked,It seems that there is not much touch on that period of time.,After a moment of contemplation,“Too general,Can you be more specific?”
“Don’t talk about passing,Just want to know,Why did you go abroad?”This question is the point,What Li Tianzhen wants to know is the background of the old man,It’s just that I don’t know if the other party will answer.,He and Old Man Dong came to see Ouyang Tianpeng,Except for one sentence of observing confidentiality,Did not get any normative reminders and references,What can i ask,What not to ask,Not too sure。
“In order to track a UFO。”Unexpectedly, the old man has no taboo。
“Yes,Is what people often sayUFO。”
“Where was it observedUFO?”
“Mobei Xiaoqinggou area,I can’t say the specific location。”
“To understanding。”Li Tianzhen nodded,“Then you are an astrophysicist?”
“almost,But I was the first to engage in nuclear physics。”
No wonder it’s so confidential,It turns out that this old man Ouyang is also a meritorious senior in science,All sounds physics,A nucleus,A celestial body,There is a huge difference in the two directions,This old man actually learned two subjects,Admirable。
“At that time, I selected a site for an ideal landing point,Unexpectedly,Found that weird aircraft,Very dazzling,Blood red,I met Lao Zhao,It’s a pity that the camera didn’t take it,The effect of washing out is very poor,Fuzzy。”


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