First1562chapter succeed
Dark night。No one would have thought,On the path in this woods,But it’s staged an amazing eyeball battle。
Xia Jianzhen regretted his impulse,He shouldn’t let this guy out of the control of his toy gun。But it’s too late。
Xia Jian is not far behind,He sprinted forward,It’s also on the roof of the car。Tom Pu was somewhat shocked by Xia Jian’s skill。At the moment he was in a daze,Xia Jian suddenly pounced,Like a tiger down the mountain。
Tom Pu is about to punch,But it’s late。He was punished by Xia Jian,People fell from the roof of the car,Fortunately, the roof of this sports car is not high,The two rolling on the ground quickly stood up。
Xia Jian dare not care this time,He didn’t wait for Tom Pu to stand firm,Sweep the army with one move。The right leg was wrapped in the wind and went straight to Tompu’s legs。Tompu a vertical jump,But it’s still a bit late。Just a plop,Tom Mupu was swept by Xia Jian’s leg to eat shit。
Do nothing but never stop,Xia Jian a flutter,The whole body pressed against Tom Pu who was lying on the ground。Just when his body was about to press on Tompu’s back,He suddenly elbowed Tom Pu in the back。
Not light this time,Just listen to Tom Pu’s scream,I won’t move when I lie on the ground。Such a night,Heard this,Really scary。
Xia Jian rolled off Tompu,He stood up abruptly,Then he kicked Tompu’s butt hard and asked:“If you die?Still pay back”
Although Xia Jian’s trick is not lethal,But very powerful,Tom Mupu can be regarded as a taste of his power。
“ I pay it back,You say four hundred thousand is four hundred thousand,But can’t do it to me anymore”Tompu lay on the ground,Struggling to say。He moved,Got up very hard。
Xia Jian thought about it:“You can send someone the money right now,Four hundred thousand dollars is a small amount for you。But you want to play tricks,Your little life is gone”
“will not!You let me sit in the car,The bones on my back may be broken“Tompu grinned in pain。
Xia Jianla car door,He pushed Tompu on the car。Tompu’s back touched the backrest,And howled like a pig。


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