The extreme fear and pain finally made the preacher show timidity,Answered honestly,“Kampot is my brother,You are the demon surnamed Li……Uh,Magician?”

“You care who i am?”Li Tianchou stared,Outbreak of coercion,Immediately made this preacher overwhelmed,Shook his head repeatedly,It’s an unintentional question。
“Why attack the base?”
“By the order of Brother Kampot,Waiting for an opportunity to capture those two puppets。”
“Where is Kampot?”
“Holy place。”
“Holy Land?Creationism?Isn’t it Dala Mountain??”
“What is he doing?”
“Brother matter,I dare not ask more。”
Li Tianzhen knows he doesn’t tell the truth,So the pressure released skyrocketed again,Just a moment,The preacher’s excrement and urine are all incontinent,Stinks all over,Have supernatural powers,After all, it’s still flesh and blood,Just add another point under pressure,I can squash this guy。
The preacher is not really a tough guy after all,After yelling forgiveness,I got rid of the terrible feeling of violent body just now,“My brother got a body for the holy leader,Said to refine it。”
“What kind of body?”
“I do not know either,Brother did not show it to anyone this time,I really do not know。”
Li Tianzhen suddenly broke into a cold sweat,Unexpectedly strange heart palpitations,A body,Dead or alive?he(she was)Who will it be?If you need Kampot to refine,This person must be a supernatural power with a very high cultivation base,And it’s an antithetical relationship with Kampot or Creativity,Looking at the mortal world,There are a few such people?


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