Then they started planning to return home,And this time the matter was resolved smoothly,Xiao Fan knew that they might not atone for their sins as they said.,Or be able to do something well。

It is possible to plan a bigger thing after Xiao Fan leaves,But Xiao Fan was prepared,If they really don’t change,Or if you want to continue doing this kind of hurtful things。
Xiao Fan will never give them a second chance,Because I have given them a chance before,But they don’t know how to cherish,Then Xiao Fan doesn’t have to be merciful,Xiao Fan has done this many times。
So there is no need to be merciful to them,Or give them another way,Let them have other opportunities to choose,Besides, they are responsible for the choices they make。
If they really want to keep doing this kind of thing,Then they really have to spend the rest of their lives in prison,There is no chance to change some of their thoughts,So Xiao Fan also knows that some things can’t be forced。
If it can be resolved smoothly,He will feel very happy,Of course, if it can’t be solved completely,Xiao Fan also thought it was expected。
After they deal with this matter,,Xiao Fan held the evidence tightly in his hands,It’s not just that some evidence can leave those people speechless。
More importantly, he is evidence that Yiming and Chu Yao used their own dangers and some of their other abilities.,So it is very important for him,So I will never take this matter off my mind easily。
Besides, although this evidence does not seem to be of much use,But at least it proves that the process of their growth is also the most important part of this mission,And Xiao Fan will go back and tell some other people about this time。
Let them understand the original intention of Yiming and Chu Yao,Xiao Fan didn’t want to praise others too much,Or to belittle anyone,And what he does is just plain,Can’t see the real thoughts。
But sometimes his own brothers and sisters or sober people around him,Always have this ability,Can make one of his heart very soft。
So many times some people can really change some of their temperaments by their side,In this case,Need Xiao Fan to become truly as warm as a brother,So he also hopes that his siblings can develop better。
Can grow better,So this time is a harvest for any of them。Yiming and Chu Yao returned to their room after speaking with Xiao Fan,The two of them were also relieved。
After all, Xiao Fan is so important to this task,Even the most important jade pendant was given to them two,And there are a lot of things to tell them carefully,Then they are also very moved。
Knowing that one’s position in Xiao Fan’s mind should not be underestimated,Actually they knew it early,But every time I go on a mission, I feel very moved,I hope this relationship can continue forever。
They will always be loyal to Xiao Fan,Will never betray Xiao Fan。And after the two of them returned to the room,Took a long breath on the bed,Yiming also feels that although the time is not long。
But the things experienced here seem to be heavier than any of his tasks,And the two of them also feel that sometimes it is much harder to plan a lot of things for them than others arrange for them.。
So the two of them are really relieved at this moment,I dare not have any other seats。But it suddenly occurred to them that this jade pendant is still in their hands,So Yiming also wanted to return the jade pendant to Xiao Fan。


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