Two handsome pilots unanimously decided,Resign on landing,Such a supernatural life,I can’t do it anymore。

now,Daredevil military base outside Seoul,A group of people looked at each other,stunned。
“Why didn’t you shoot down the target?”The older fat officer murmured to himself。
“Probably because the target released thermal bait!”
“A civil aircraft,It is actually equipped with a thermal decoy launcher?Can you explain?”
“This is not the point,The point is that our missile did not explode!”
“Bastard!More than not burst,The missile turned around!What the hell is this?Could this happen?Is this damn radar broken??”The fat officer kicked the radar case with anger。
“Unless the other party uses electronic interference technology,And the other party’s technical level is more than two generations ahead of us,Directly invaded the navigation system。”A young officer in charge of technology replied timidly。
“Damn it!The missile flew back!No problem with radar!”The officer staring at another radar screen nearby exclaimed in horror。
“what?fly,Fly back?What are you doing?!Stop now!”The fat officer turned pale in fright,Yelled。
“Come,That’s too late!The missile is accelerated!”A technically proficient officer turned blue,Shook his head。
“The missiles you fired,You are responsible for solving!”After the fat officer left such a sentence,Leave in a hurry,Got into the underground air-raid shelter。
Three Cobra missiles accurately hit a military base on the outskirts of Seoul,Caused unpredictable heavy losses。
According to Korean news media,This military base had an accident during yesterday’s exercise,It is suspected that the gas pipeline was hit by artillery fire.,Has no real impact on the lives of Seoul people。
obviously,South Korean people did not pay much attention to this news。If it is in normal times,This news can be regarded as a major event,But on the cusp of the Secret Medicine Group being exposed,Not many people are interested in following。
have to say,The eyes of the world,Were attracted by the mysterious secret medicine group exposed by Lu Menglin。
This hot topic has undoubtedly attracted worldwide attention,People from all over the world are discussing this matter fiercely。
Not just the people at the bottom,There are hundreds of millions of middle class,Including stars、lawyer、High-income people with many professions as doctors,Have also participated in the discussion of this topic。


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