Six kinds of teas that the anti-radiation computer family must drink

Six kinds of teas that the anti-radiation computer family must drink

Here to help you find some of the most suitable for the computer family to drink tea, or snacks, not only can help you against radiation damage, but also protect your eyes, anti-irritation!

  ★ mung bean barley soup mung bean can clear away heat and detoxification, diuretic swelling, barley can spleen and diarrhea, light body and benefit, often need to stay up all night and even upset, dry mouth, constipation, long acne, in addition to eating moreIn addition to vegetables, fruits and water, it is very helpful to use mung bean soup as a snack.

  ★ Green tea green tea is a health drink that most people have talked about in recent years. Because it contains potent antioxidant catechol and vitamin C, it can not only remove free radicals from the body, but also secrete the paracortic.Stressful hormones, of course, a small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can also stimulate the central nervous system and boost the spirit.

It is best to avoid affecting sleep during the day and day.

  ★ 枸杞茶枸杞子 is rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, with liver, kidney, and purpose, because it has a sweet taste, whether it is tea or like raisinsIt is helpful to eat the problem of sour eyes, fatigue and deep vision of the computer family.

  ★ Chrysanthemum tea has the function of clearing the liver and clearing the liver. Some people simply drink the chrysanthemum together with the sputum, or use the honey chrysanthemum tea to help the liver and relieve depression.

  ★ Cassia tea Cassia tea has heat, eyesight, brain, marrow, and bones, if constipation can also be eaten after dinner, it is very effective for the treatment of constipation.

  ★ Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia has the function of blood and strong bones. For those who are sedentary and have a good back pain, both men and women can drink. If a female friend can also take it with Siwutang at the end of the physiological period.


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