How to clear the top ten intestines after the holiday

How to clear the top ten intestines after the holiday

Click to buy during the Spring Festival, I believe that everyone must come to eat a lot of delicious, including no shortage of spicy, greasy food, do you feel uncomfortable after the holiday?

In fact, this is because the symptoms are not ruled out by the stool. Then, we recommend ten kinds of sausage foods for you to make you healthier. Recommendation 1: Oats are rich in supplemental fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and absorb a lot.The body’s cholesterol is excreted, making your body lighter.

Eating oatmeal can reduce the sense of obesity and effectively control the conversion of the supplement to reduce weight.

Moreover, it can also improve your constipation troubles.

Oatmeal is not only rich in nutrients, but also detoxification and weight loss. How can you miss this way?

  Recommendation 2: celery celery N vitamins and a large number of crude fiber, can speed up blood circulation, promote digestion and absorption, scrape oil and laxative, so that weight loss.

In addition, celery also contains a lot of potassium, which can reduce the body’s water accumulation, reduce edema and make you look thinner.

  Recommendation 3: Sweet potato sweet potato is rich in fiber and oligosaccharide, which is good for large intestine health care.

Eating more sweet potatoes can reduce the content of plasma cholesterol, reduce the reduction of subcutaneous sputum, and prevent obesity.

Because of its large size, the feeling of satiety is prominent, and no overeating phenomenon is formed.

At the same time, its cellulose can not be absorbed in the asynchronous, there is a special function that interferes with the conversion of sugar into accident, which can promote stool excretion and improve constipation.

  Recommendation 4: Apple apples contain a special pectin component. This pectin is a soluble fiber that not only promotes insulin metabolism, but also effectively lowers plasma levels and promotes mild replacement.

At the same time, it is rich in fiber and helps to excrete.

Apple is rich in nutrients, and the amount is not high. It is a good diet for helping defecation.

  Recommendation 5: Mushrooms and mushrooms contain crude fiber, semi-coarse fiber and lignin that are difficult to digest in the human body. They can maintain the moisture in the intestines and absorb the remaining plasma and sugar. They are excreted from the body, which can improve the symptoms of constipation and become non-toxic.Light!

  Recommendation 6: White radish can promote digestion, and it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Its spicy can promote the secretion of gastric juice and adjust its function.

In addition, it contains rich crude fiber, which can promote peristalsis and keep the stool smooth.

  Recommendation 7: Amaranth contains a mixture of crude fiber, and is relatively tough, not easy to be absorbed by absorption, can increase the volume of stool, promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, and prevent constipation.

  Recommendation 8: The atypical food fiber that can be difficult to digest in the outer skin and roots of corn and corn can stimulate the intestinal wall and help the bowel movement.

The number of times the corn creates bowel movements increases, and the amount increases. Once the amount of bowel movements is smooth, the waste is cleaned up, and the lower abdomen naturally follows the introduction!

  Recommended nine: kimchi kelp and sour and spicy kimchi is a favorite of many people, especially kimchi, the use of ginger and pepper in the process of pickling, not only can burn fat and beautiful muscle, which lactic acid bacteria are more likely to make your bowel movements smooth, as an appetizerThe dish is the most suitable.

  Recommendation 10: Kelp Chinese medicine experts pointed out that kelp is an alkaline food, called iodine can promote the metabolism of triglyceride in the blood, and prevent blood acidification, help the laxative, and the volume is very low, the consumption of fiber is richCan accelerate the initial movement.

  In addition, kelp also contains alginic acid, which can reduce the ability to absorb the resonance element in series, convert it out of the body, and prevent and prevent it while detoxifying and losing weight.


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