But I haven’t had time to think about it,A familiar figure walked in from outside the hall……

Chapter Fifty:Group broadcast
Ding:Child of luck detected,To increase the activity of chat group members,You can turn on the live broadcast function,Will get extra points reward。Note:Every member enters the live broadcast room,reward50integral。
Sudden group tips,Make Yun Yun a little startled,Just come back soon,I have received the group task again?
Facing the group task that has appeared again,Yun Yun only feels that her luck is too good。
Didn’t think much afterwards,Linked to the chat group,The live broadcast function of the chat group is enabled。
Suddenly,Whole chat group,A prompt appeared。
Ding:Group member Yun Yun opened the live broadcast function,Members can click the link below to watch。
The original lively chat group,The atmosphere suddenly stagnated。
Flower pity:Wow,Sister Yun Yun actually started the live broadcast,I’ll go in and see。
Tony:curious,I also look。
Shen Ziyao:together。
moment,As long as online group members,All clicked on Yun Yun’s live broadcast link。
Hua Lian enters the live broadcast room。
Tony enters the live room。
Shen Ziyao、Purple Girl、Hexi enters the live broadcast room。
And Yun Yun in Xiao’s family,I also heard the tips of many group members entering the live broadcast room。


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