How to eat premenstrual syndrome?

Recommend 6 delicious diets

How to eat premenstrual syndrome?
Recommend 6 delicious diets

Women in the 7-14 days before menstruation, repeated the same series of mental, behavioral and physical symptoms, such as fatigue, irritability, swelling of the limbs, fear or tension, breast pain, emotional stress, depression, increased appetite, headache,Forgetfulness, lack of concentration, palpitations and dizziness, etc., seriously affect the quality of life. Once the menstruation comes, these symptoms naturally disappear.

How to eat once the premenstrual syndrome?

Here are 6 delicious diets for you to choose from.

Therapeutic prescription for premenstrual syndrome 1, black fungus stewed tofu: 30 grams of fungus, 3 pieces of tofu, 7 walnuts, taken with water stew, suitable for irritability before menstruation, irritability.

2, Lily jujube juice: 50 grams of fresh lily, 15 grams of raw ripe jujube, jujube decoction, to slag juice to cook lily.

Suitable for premenstrual insomnia, irritability, and irritability.

3, Ginkgo longan soup: 3 ginkgo, 7 longan, add water to cook soup, every sky belly, suitable for headache and insomnia.

4, Tremella: 15 grams of white fungus, 25 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, crystal sugar, water cooked, suitable for premenstrual mental symptoms.

5, jujube licorice soup: 10 jujube, 4 grams of licorice, 30 grams of floating wheat, boiled into a bowl with three bowls of water three ingredients, to take the slag to take juice, suitable for people with mental symptoms.

6, Shantou leeks juice: 250 grams of fresh steamed buns, 250 grams of fresh oysters, washed separately, soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, removed and chopped, placed in a household pulverizer to stir into a slurry, with clean gauzeFilter and juice, take it with a small fire, suitable for fatigue and weakness.

Female friends with premenstrual syndrome do not hinder the above-mentioned therapeutic side, without any discrete, delicious food.


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