Every day, glutinous rice, red bean porridge, dampness and spleen

Every day, glutinous rice, red bean porridge, dampness and spleen

Today, the old Chinese medicine health net recommended for you a kind of phlegm and spleen – glutinous rice red bean porridge, is a medicine, but also eat rice, when tea, and the production method is simple, just wash the glutinous rice and red beansIt can be eaten by mashing it in water.

  The effect of rice red bean porridge is glutinous rice, which is called “Qiren” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is listed as the top grade in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”. It can cure dampness, digestive gastrointestinal, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, and long-term service.
Red beans, in the Chinese medicine injection “red bean”, also has obvious benefits of water, swelling, spleen and stomach, because it is red, red into the heart, so it can also fill the heart.

Modern people have great mental stress, lack of heart, no diet, less exercise, and spleen and dampness.

It is necessary to be damp, but also to replenish the heart, but also to strengthen the spleen and stomach, non-glutinous rice and red beans are none other than.

It is porridge, which means that the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body, and no burden is placed on the spleen and stomach.

  About the “swelling” effect of glutinous rice and red beans, not only edema, but also obesity.

In the view of Chinese medicine, obesity is good, and edema is good, which means that the body is wet.

The water can not flow with the blood, staying between the cells of the human body, so that the body quickly expands.

The edema is so serious that obesity is serious, but the degree is deep and shallow.

Drugs or foods that are extremely moisturizing can eliminate these waters that are trapped in the body and can also reduce swelling.

Therefore, the treatment of edema must use red beans, and practice has proved that glutinous rice red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, can not only lose weight, but also does not hurt the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is particularly good.

  The skill of glutinous rice red bean porridge and the glutinous rice are very hard, the red beans are also very hard, so put it in the pot and porridge, it is not bad for an hour, it is a waste of fire (electricity), and sometimes it is very likely to dry the water, resulting inBottom.

Here are two ways to recommend it: First, add enough water in the pot, turn off the heat, let the glutinous rice and red beans simmer for half an hour; then fire again, boil, and simmer for half an hour, so that the red bean porridge is cooked.It is.

Second, use a thermos bottle, put the glutinous rice and red beans into it, then pour it into the boiling water, stuff the bottle head and squat, do it every night, and get porridge in the morning.

  Rice red bean porridge has the advantage that it is not sticky and thick, and the red beans and glutinous rice are always smashed underneath. The above is a light red soup, and most of the active ingredients of glutinous rice and red beans are in the soup.

When you porridge, put more water, these soups can be used as tea.

If it is summer, it is best to drink it in the morning and often deteriorate in the afternoon.

  Can you put something in the glutinous rice red bean porridge?

  1, plus longan.

People who think about hurting the mind on weekdays, who are overworked and have less exercise, often have no blood, no spirit, no guilt, sleepy, feel heavy as a package, and have a hollow heart.

This is a manifestation of wetness and lack of heart in the body. You can add some longan in the glutinous rice red bean porridge.

Longan Gan Wen, can appetite and spleen, soothe the nerves and blood, can invigorate the heart, warm the heart, make people full of energy, full of gas.

It is especially suitable for strong mental workers and is also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

  2, add lily, lotus seeds.

Young people are prone to irritability, insomnia, or a series of rashes, acne, which are caused by excessive fire, hot and humid, can be mixed with lily or lotus seeds in glutinous rice red bean porridge, or bothplus.

  Lily can moisturize the lungs, nourish the skin, and clear the heart and peace of mind.

Lotus seeds can best raise the heart, clear heart fire, and at the same time can strengthen the spleen, kidney, but the lotus seed has a slight retention effect, the body is relatively thin and can be used, but a little fat body in the body may not be used.

  When using lotus seeds, remove the heart inside.

Of course, if you think this porridge has no taste, you can add some rock sugar.

Among the various types of sugar, only the rock sugar is cool and can clear the heart.

  3, add ginger.

If you have a cold, or if you have cold in your body, cold pain in your stomach, and poor appetite, you can add a few slices of ginger to the glutinous rice red bean porridge.

Ginger is warm, can warm the cold, strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Note that ginger can not be put more, put more to make the porridge become spicy.

If you want to add some condiments in this porridge, you can only put brown sugar, brown sugar is also warm.

  4, add raw pears.

If you cough, you can also peel the raw pear and cut it into 1?A small piece of 2 cm square, added to the glutinous rice red bean porridge to cook, can lungs, phlegm, thirst.
  5, add black beans.

People with kidney deficiency can add some black beans to the glutinous rice red bean porridge.

Because black is in the kidney, and the shape of the bean is very similar to the kidney, it is the best for kidney.

  6, add soy beans.

The beriberi that people often say is a typical hot and humid bet.

You can add soy beans to the glutinous rice red bean porridge, eat the porridge, and wash the feet with the soup.

Internal and external treatment, the effect is very good.

  7, add yam and pumpkin.

Yam is known as “small ginseng”. Sometimes it is more effective than ginseng. It is a sacred product for spleen and stomach, and it can strengthen the kidney and strengthen the lungs.

Pumpkin can make up for the benefits.

  Q: When I am glutinous rice red bean porridge, can I enlarge the rice?

  A: Never enlarge the meter.

Because rice grows in the water, it contains moisture and is wet and sticky, so the rice is thick.

Red beans and glutinous rice are damp and not wet, so they are not thick and the soup is very clear.

Traditional Chinese medicine is precisely the use of its clear nature to remove the wetness of the human body. Once added to the rice, it is equivalent to adding moisture, so the whole porridge is thick.

Although the taste may be better, it is not necessarily good for health. Because of that rice, all the red beans and glutinous rice are in vain, and the benefits are all.


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