Be wary: excessive drinking of milk is easy to induce senile cataract

Be wary: excessive drinking of milk is easy to induce senile cataract

Medicine believes that under normal circumstances, after the age of 50, the secretion of parathyroid hormone in the body is too strong, and the sex hormones are decreasing, leading to calcium absorption disorders in the body.

At the same time, the intake of calcium in the plasma of the elderly is insufficient, resulting in the continuous loss of calcium in the bone, resulting in osteoporosis, bone brittleness, and easy fracture.

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to calcium supplementation.

  Milk is widely recognized as an important source of calcium supplement food in the world because of its nutrient-rich, high calcium content and high absorption and absorption.

For a long time, many elderly people choose to drink more milk to supplement calcium.

  However, recent studies by foreign scientists have found that it is not worth the loss of calcium supplementation in the elderly because milk can cause senile cataracts.

The reason is that 5% of lactose in milk is decomposed into galactose by the action of lactic acid, which is easily deposited in the lens of the eyes of the elderly and affects its normal metabolism, and the protein is prone to degeneration, resulting in a decrease in the lens and induction of the elderly.The occurrence of cataracts, or exacerbate their condition.

  Therefore, the elderly should prevent calcium deficiency and do not use milk as the sole source of calcium supplementation.

It can supplement calcium lactate, calcium phosphate, vitamin D and other drugs, and can also replace shrimp, shrimp, fish, shellfish, eggs, meat bones, kelp and snails, celery, soy products, sesame seeds, red dates, black fungus, etc.Calcium-rich foods are used to supplement calcium, and natural foods are the best.


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