The chestnut is warm and sweet, and it is the best health food in the autumn. Let’s eat sugar and fried chestnuts.

The chestnut is warm and sweet, and it is the best health food in the autumn. Let’s eat sugar and fried chestnuts.

On Sunday, September 16th, Beijing was a sunny day. After getting up in the morning, I quickly tidy up and set off for Huairou.

The way to go early is very smooth. At 8 o’clock, I went to the Lavender Manor in Provence, East Asia. I took a picture while walking and harvested a lot of beautiful photos.

After 9:00, I finished the tour. Since I came here, Huairou couldn’t return. So I searched the Internet. I was close to this and there was a red snail Huiyuan Valley ecological scenic spot. So I went to the door and found that it was Linghuishan.We have been here ten years ago.

Anyway, we have a parking fee of only 10 yuan for the Beijing-Tianjin Lunar New Year ticket. Go in and revisit.

Linghui Mountain Scenic Area has the reputation of “Silent Sanxiang, Bumen Pure Land, Wonderful World, Dream Paradise”.

It is especially suitable for a place where young and old can play. Children can play with water and watch the dinosaur exhibition. Because the dinosaur is equipped with electroacoustic and electronic control technology, it is vivid and popular with friends of all sizes.

There are also Shenquan, Waterfall, Tianxi Temple and Chaoyang Temple.

The valley is quiet, the stream is small, and the road up the mountain is fairly flat and not too tired.

Lily Valley is the one that I like the most. The roads are very good again, especially the large chestnut trees, walking in the shade of the trees, next to the stream, very comfortable.

The chestnut branches are leafy, the big ball is full of branches, and now it is the harvest period of the chestnuts. You are scared by the chestnuts that are going to fall down by the trees, and see many tourists bowing along the way.捡 chestnuts, I have a little bit of this road, especially fun.

Everyone who comes to Huairou will buy chestnuts, jujubes and walnuts here, and I am no exception.

The chestnuts of 7 yuan a pound are not big, only bought 10 yuan.

Full of hairy balls.

Come to a close shot.


The chestnut in the hands of a girl, I borrowed it.


This chestnut almost fell on my head, really big enough.

At the moment, it is a good time to eat chestnuts. The chestnut is warm and sweet, can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, nourish yin and tonify the kidney. It is the best health food in autumn.

Yesterday, I had a little time to make my own sugar-roasted chestnuts.

Share with you, if you want to eat clean and delicious sugar-fried chestnuts, please see the production process below.

If you have a better way, please leave a message for me.

Raw materials: chestnut a pound and half seasoning: 10 grams of sugar, 10 grams of oil, 1 gram of salt, 10 grams of warm water. Production process: 1, ready to season.

2, the small chestnuts are first washed with cold water, cut a small mouth with a knife, and then put in the pot, calculate the time after the water is opened, cook for about 7 minutes.

3, after cooking, use a hedge to remove and control the moisture.

4, mix the prepared seasonings, stir well, pour into the chestnut pot, pick up the pot and shake it, so that each chestnut is stained.

5, put tin foil in the baking tray, put the chestnuts well, a plate can not be baked, can only be baked in two dishes.

The oven is preheated at 180 degrees, fired up and down, and baked for about 18 minutes.

6, after the release, I ate one hot, really delicious!

The fried chestnuts with the sugar bought outside are really different.


7, the finished map.


The chestnut is warm and sweet, and it is the best health food in the fall. Let’s eat sugar-fried chestnuts yourself. It’s delicious!

Tips: 1, according to the size of the chestnuts you buy, cook your own time to master.

2, the oven has a temperature difference, according to their own oven to master the heat.

2, chestnuts to eat hot, if put a day, it will become hard, you can go to the skin to eat porridge, it is also very good.


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