deal!Xianyang will build Huanggang School!

The Huanggang School project in Xianyang City has achieved the western region of the South, the petroleum steel pipe steel rope factory in the Xianyang City, the petroleum steel rope factory, and the main land area of 3,3170 square meters. The total construction area is m2, where the ground isBuilding area: m2, concrete frame structure, underground building area: 3950m2 (including human defense area: square meter), concrete frame structure.Architectural content includes: 4 teaching buildings, 2 office buildings, 2 dormitory buildings, 1 integrated building, gate, playground, lapse, parking space, road, greening and other related supporting facilities.I look forward to the Huanggang School to build a Qianyang student to provide a quality education environment!In addition, Xianyang Tianwang School will build a comprehensive building!The project of Qindu District Tangwang School No. 2, the project is located in the north of Shengli Street. East of Qinhuang Road, Xi Jie Road is west, and the Renmin Road is in the Nan Tianwang School, the project is square meters. The total construction area is more than 4,700 square meters.Six-layer frame steel structure, built in September 2022.


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