Pingshan West Baihe: Red Education, "Two Be sure"

Xi Baraho is the last rural command office of China, "Three Battle" commanded here, "Two Be sure" is born here, "Going to Beijing" starting from here, New China came here. At the West Biao Memorial, visitors can understand that the Party Central Committee from withdraw from Yan’an, in Xibah, to the Sports Campaign, Jiefang Shijiazhuang, until the Three Campaign, Seventh Plenary Session, and then go to Peiping, and go to New China’s struggle. "I am a 90-year-old party member, I came here to receive the party history education for me.

"96 years of girl Dong Mengzhen is a member of the village committee of Shijiazhuang City, this time, the new village (community)" two committees "cadres and street department cadres come here to accept party history education. "The revolutionary ancestors are not afraid of sacrifice, and they still persist in fighting in such a difficult condition, and lay up Jiangshan for us, giving us a happy life! I also want to use them as an example, and try to move forward in the future work life.

"Memorial, followed by Peng Li’s pace to the Seventh Second Plenary Session Address, two bright red party flags hang Mao Zedong, Zhu De two great people." It is in this simple meeting room, Mao Zedong proposed The ‘two benchmarks’: Be sure to keep comrades to maintain modest, cautious, unhadel, unauthorized style, be sure to keep comrades to continue to struggle. "Stating the portrait of the great man, stroking the mottled table and chair, as if he heard the sound at the meeting more than 70 years ago.


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