Put key tasks to implement key tasks in their hands

Original title: Put key tasks in the hands of the key task to be implemented recently, the reporter’s aerial photography is under construction in the construction of the martial arts bridge. Guang’an Daily Wu Sheng Journalist Station Before: This year, it is a well-off society in an all-round way.

Affected by the epidemic of the new coronal pneumonia, the full-year target task is significant, the task is arduous, and the city needs to struggle to struggle.

Today, this newspaper is open to the "Sprint Four-Semetles Complete the Year Target Task" column, through interviewing the city leaders, reform, credit, finance, operations and other economic departments, major person in charge and various district counties (park ) Party secretary, talk about how to do, how to do, show the city to add confidence, grump, struggle to springer, fight the battle to win, to successfully complete the solid initiative and highlight of the annual target task.

stay tuned. In recent times, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has frequently reported to the provincial development reform committee to report, and timely follow up to the latest progress of the "Sichuan Gaozhu New District Overall Program", and actively coordinate the relevant units, and prepare the development plan of Gaozhu New District. Work.

"On September 23," Sichuan Gaozhu New District Overall Program "has been approved by the Municipal Government and the Yubei District Government to declare the establishment of new districts to the two provinces and municipalities.

Zhong Aiping, secretary of the Municipal Development Reform Commission, said in an interview with reporters that after entering the fourth quarter, they will continue to accelerate the pace of cooperation with Chongqing Relevant districts and counties, and fully seize the construction of the construction of the two-city economic circle in Chengyu.

The key tasks arranged by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the key task is implemented, which is the overall idea of ??the municipal development reform committee sprint all-year target mission.

"Since this year, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the city has undergone upwards of new coronal pneumonia epidemic prevention and economic and social development, and the economic and social order is gradually returned to normal.

In the first quarter, the total production value of the city decreased year-on-year, the second quarter increased, and the twisted negative in the first half of the year was positive, and the growth% was increased.

Zhong Ai Ping said as the economic integrated management service department. Next, the city’s reform system will further grab time, catch the progress, winning the loss, insist on problem-oriented and target orientation, strengthen the integrated policy, accurate policy, and timely development of economic situation, research Solving the outstanding problems and difficulties in the process of economic development and key projects, compressing the work responsibility, ensuring full completing the annual target task.

Accelerate the promotion of key regional cooperation. Precision docking national level, promoting the "1 + N" planning system for the construction planning plan of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengcai, and "1 + 7 + N" overall deployment in Sichuan Province, Chongqing "1 + 7 + N" work system, Strive for more projects, policies, platforms, reforms in Guang’an, and plan "big tray" in national provinces.

Highlight "into the city into the circle", focus on promoting the integrated layout of Chongqing’s main city, integrated construction, and accelerates the planning and construction of Sichuan and Qingzhu Gaozhu New District.

Strongly grasp the project to promote investment steadily. Continue to carry out the "three grasps" centralized attack, division, "six stable" "six-guarantee" series policy measures, accurate docking infrastructure replenishment, new infrastructure, anti-vlotrophic special government bonds and county urbanization National policy trends, strive to strive for project fund funds by more than 15%, local government special bond issuance of 7 billion yuan, promoted 101 provinces and municipal key projects completed more than 28 billion yuan. Solidly carry out "take the grassroots, solve the problem, grasp" activities, and timely coordinate the construction of "certificate, land, money" and other project construction, the core elements of enterprises to settle, do water, electricity, oil, gas, transport and raw materials and other feature protection And service work. In addition, as the staff assistant of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the Municipal Development Reform Commission will further play the role of overall planning, earnestly fulfill the job responsibility of the Municipal Party Committee, Finance and Economics, and improve the economic operation monitoring and early warning mechanism, and do a good job in economic operation research, monthly dispatching and The main economic indicators data joint meeting merchants, strengthen monitoring and regulation and targeted policy, ensuring successful completion of the annual target tasks. (Guang’an Daily Reporter Chen Ling) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).


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