Although this is a piece of uncut jade,But this represents Zang’s will。

It can be said,Although the value is not great,But it is very useful!
“father……You are……”
Zang Yun surprised。
My father actually took the uncut jade that represented the will of the Zang family,To Fang Yu。
That means,Fang Yu will go to important dances and meetings in the future,Can rely on this。
Represents the meaning of the old man!
This is not something ordinary people can get。
Even him,It doesn’t represent the meaning of father。
People who know the goods see this,I am afraid they will all respect!
This also represents Zang’s approval!
Status symbol!
“Doctor Fang can be said to be my savior……And he has a simple temperament,worth it!”Father Zang saw his son’s reaction,Very calm。
He is very old,Know what to do。
What not to do!
He does things,Need son consent?
“This thing is very valuable?Then i can’t ask!”
Fang Yu returned the jade to the old man Zang,Want to refuse。


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