“That line,You don’t need to drink this wine,We both drink。You have some food,Go home early afterwards!Don’t worry about things here,We can do it well for you”Tian Wa said very seriously。

Wang Youcai nodded,Pick up the bun,Ate a few bites of food,And drank a cup of tea,Drove the car and hurriedly left the Chenzhuang planting base。
When walking from Chenzhuang,The sky is already dark。So when Wang Youcai drove the car to Baishui Town,,The sky is completely dark。Fortunately, there are almost no vehicles at night on this road。So Wang Youcai started quickly。
that’s it,He hurry up,When we arrive at Xiping Village,It’s already over nine minutes。He just parked the car in the courtyard,Yao Chunni brought Longlong to greet him。
“Call daddy!”Yao Chunni pulls Longlong,Pointing to Wang Youcai and said to him。
The little boy stared at Wang Youcai for a while,Shouted in a tender voice:“father!”
Wang Youcai was exasperated by his son’s call,He laughed:“Good son,Let dad hug”Wang Youcai rushed forward,The strange thing is that Long Long didn’t run away,This may be the invisible affection。
Wang Youcai holding the dragon,The father and son said and laughed and entered the room。In the upper room,Wang Degui is still sitting behind the big kang,He has a dry pipe in his mouth。White smoke coming out of the pipe,Let the big kang be filled with a faint white smoke。
Chen Yueqin sitting on the edge of the kang,A gloomy look。And Wang Youfa is sitting in a chair,The color on the face is the same ugly。
“Rich!You let Chunni take Longlong to play in the West House,Your second brother wants to talk to you”Wang Degui sitting behind the kang suddenly smiled and said。
Yao Chunni listened,I quickly took Long Long from Wang Youcai,Hugged and went to West House。Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Youdao who was muffled,Said coldly:“Just ask if you have anything!Don’t say anything”
“Wang Youcai!Did I tell you,Don’t bring Niu Huiling in your business?Why don’t you listen?What do you want to do?”Wang Youdao is angry,He asked loudly。
Because Wang Youcai had already prepared,So he just snorted:“What do you mean?Ersao is not a child,She won’t come to me,Did I force her”
“you!Simply unreasonable。I said that,This is too big,There is no such person in our old Wang family who can play this。In addition,I’m different from you,Even if you lose,You are also indifferent,But not in our house”


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