Soft pepsmat is really soft persimmon,There is no stone behind the back?”

“no,But there is a background,How can I dare to say that the other party is a Soft Matter?。”
I have heard Jin Xijie already has his own ideas.,And have your own chapter,Li Hui is no longer said more。
Let the other party let go of your hand to do it.。
Originally, he also wants to leave Jin Xijie to eat a meal.,However, Jin Xi Jie saw Zhao Xiaoli.,And he has a feeling that he feels in the light bulb.,I will drive it directly.。
Walk away Jin Xijie,Li Hui Hui looked at time,It is already 5 o’clock in the afternoon.。
“Scull,Have a meal together at night??”
“OK,By the way, you will drink someone with you.,After all, you give the scorpion such a precious gift.,I don’t know how to thank you.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that I don’t know how to thank Li Hui.,The love of the gods honey, let Li speak the best in an instant.。
“Forehead,Scull,Come on tonight,Many people should eat tonight.,I am going to ban the feast, I will ask my beauty.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Zhao Xiaoli does not feel Han Shanshan’s proud chest。
She looked at her own,I don’t know what the other party is eating.。
“do not worry,The scorpion will not make you embarrassed,Waiting for her,What is the scorpion comes to find you??”
“Forehead,Don’t you need to accompany Liu Shu??”
“The scorpion is ready to divorce Liu Shu.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that this made Li apart a hop.。
“Scull,Don’t make trouble,This is not a trouble.,Shuren Liu is so good,How can you suddenly be divorced?,You said this,I always feel that I have the third party that destroys your family.。”
“And I always feel my reason.。”
Zhao Xiaoli heard that Li Hui Feng this,Also can’t help but laugh。
“Correct,You can’t say that it is nothing to do with you.,But mainly is the responsibility of Liu Shu’s responsibility,And you Liu Shuzhi did not take me as his wife.,I have always been his chess pieces.。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli said so.,Li Hui is a strong interest。
He also wants Liu Dafu how to put Zhao Xiaoli as a piece of。
“Hey-hey,Scull,Then you talk about it.,Liu Shu makes you do what you have??”
Chapter 1,246 Want to divorce
I was asked with Li with the wind.,Zhao Xiaoli couldn’t help but Li Hui。
Originally she didn’t want to say to Li Hui,However, Li Hui Feng did not hesitate to buy a seven or eight thousand cars with Zhao Xiaoling today.,The rod in her heart is completely dumped in Li Hui Feng.。
“Humph,Do you forget that you go to my house to give him a disease??”
“Don’t I forget to drink?,The scorpion chases you of the things that you come out.?”
So Zhao Xiaoli said,Li Hui Feng also can’t help but think of Zhao Xiaoli wearing the fishing website.,And the things of the medicine。
“Scull,You mean that these are Liu Shu’s meaning?”
“Yup,You think that the scorpion is voluntary?
Of course, the scorpion is voluntary.,But before the scorpion is unwilling。”
“Although Liu Shu is not good at the name of the village.,And I also know that he has dyed with Li Cuihua.,But after all, Li Cuihua is beautiful.,Good body,And her man seems to be really not very good.,Plus, I don’t want to take those broken things.,I haven’t experienced so much now.,More confident。”
“After all, when you marry,I am like being sold.,So I always have some kind of goods that is the general feeling.。”
“But now my little girl is coming back.,I know,What is it?。”
Li Hui said that Zhao Xiaoli said so much。
Some wonderful way:“Then I will be with you.,What is the benefit of Liu Shu??
And his head is equal to the green hat.。”
“hehe,How could it be good??
If I am really pregnant,So, he is not a man’s reputation.,The most important thing is that I also expected to fish with your child.。”


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