Zhang Siwei asked Xia Shuyue,“What did that person do just now,Also came to apply?”After speaking, he looked back at Wang San。

Xia Shuyue put her index finger on her lips,Pull Zhang Siwei upstairs,Said in the corner,“He kidnapped me,The bastard who secretly rescued me at night。”
Zhang Siwei was shocked,Exclaim,“what?It’s him?Why is he looking for you?”
“He told me to leave,He said he would die if found,And will kill him too。”Xia Shuyue answered。
“what?He came to threaten you?Call the police immediately to catch him!”Zhang Siwei’s eyes are round。
Xia Shuyue shook her head,“Si Wei,Forget it,He is not the one who killed me,He just came to remind me,Said he came to save me。”
“You figure it out,I’m afraid you have a problem。”Zhang Siwei started walking around after speaking,See Xia Shuyue’s rearranged scene。
“how about it,Is there any progress?”Xia Shuyue asked。
“Ok,It’s done well,Not progress,Is a great improvement,Much more luxurious than before,The grade has also improved a lot,In this way, you can directly enter the TV commercial,You prepare,Advertise with the wedding photo studio,Make some street signs and publicity pages appropriately,Increase popularity first。”Zhang Siwei’s eyes are filled with satisfaction。
“TV advertisement?That’s a charge per second,Cost a lot of money!”Xia Shuyue said。
“Actually all the same,If you don’t advertise,Publicity costs are saved a lot,But business is not good,Do not make money,Still have to pay rent,Labor wages will still be paid,The longer the delay,More money wasted。”
Xia Shuyue lowered her head,“What you said makes sense,I just think the advertising cost is too big,Feel unwilling。”
“The big things don’t stick to the trivial,Don’t be shackled,Let go。”Zhang Siwei went upstairs and looked around,Come downstairs,“about there,go home,You need to rest。”
“it is good。”Xia Shuyue nodded,So he followed Zhang Siwei home。
Zhang Siwei keeps driving the car into the garage,Garage is wide,There is also a car parked inside。


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