But Wang Hong didn’t expect,Ping Yiluo is actually interested in his medicated bath formula,Said with a smile immediately:

“Doctor Ping misunderstood,I buy medicine for others,Where do I know the formula。”
Ping Yiluo has been in the arena for so many years,A young man like Wang Hong,How could you fool him?
Buying medicine for someone with a few hundred taels of silver?Who is fooling?
But Ping Yiluo also saw Wang Hong’s attitude,So I didn’t ask him again。
Take out two panacea from the medicine cabinet without saying a word,Wang Hong was driven out of the pharmacy after the money and goods。
To prevent Ping Yi Luo from pitting him,Wang Hong went to the owner of the grain shop again,Ask him to help identify,After confirming that the elixir is fine,Then returned to the inn。
“I’m too worried,Although Ping Yiluo’s name resembles a famous murder doctor,But it’s not him,Shouldn’t be so careful。”
Wang Hong packed up the things he just bought,Thinking secretly,A moment later shook his head and smiled,I feel a little too sensitive and suspicious recently。
There is still more than half an hour before the end of cooling,Under boredom,Wang Hong took out a few books I just bought along the way,Look carefully。
These books are not martial arts cheats,But to famous people from all over the world、General introduction of local customs。
Although the price of the book is not cheap,But for him as a stowaway,I really have to spend this money。
Besides, it is impossible for Wang Hong to stay in the small place of Pingan,The next step is to go to the Blood Shadow Hall,Still have other plans,All need enough information。
Wang Hong read these books carefully,The introduction in the book is also quite interesting,Half an hour passed without knowing it。
Wang Hong returned to Earth Star in no hurry,But ready to read the book before leaving。


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