Tie Li smiled slightly,Nothing more。But gently turned on the speakers in the house,a《really miss you》Floated out。Tie Li went back to the kitchen to cook。Xia Jian closed his eyes,Listen to the sweet voice of the Queen of Sweet Song。

at this time,The afterglow of the setting sun swayed on top of tall buildings,Like splattered gold。A group of unknown birds flew by the glass window。Watching all this outside the window,Xia Jian feels in a trance。Is he drunk?
Wonderful song,Song after song。Xia Jian drinking delicious tea,Listening to sweet songs,He suddenly felt。A good life is nothing but this。
Tie Li is constantly busy in the kitchen,Xia Jian didn’t know this very powerful woman,Can you cook?。
Time passed by accident。Tie Li in her apron walked out of the kitchen,She is holding two cold noodle dishes,It’s not noodles。
“Didn’t you say that you can cook a bowl of noodles??Why is it so troublesome?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking softly。
Tie Li smiled and said:“What’s the trouble with eating yourself。Rest assured,Your noodles are indispensable”Tie Li finished,Rushed to the kitchen a few more times。So she was busy in the kitchen so much time,Because she cooked a good dish。
Two cold dishes,Three hot dishes。Two small bowls of noodles came last。It seems that this noodle can only be a side dish。Xia Jian just remembered,Southerners don’t like noodles,Tie Li should be too。
Tieli took off her apron,Went back to the bathroom and took a wash,So he went back and changed into loose clothes,Only then came over with a bottle of liquor in his hand。
“Your injury should be fine, right?!I wanted to treat you with Mr. Gu,Unexpectedly, their old family has too many things”Tie Li said,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Began to pour the wine。
The wine is poured,Can Xia Jian say not to drink??Moreover,I have drunk liquor for a few days。
Food and wine,With beautiful women,Xia Jian felt that he was already very satisfied。Life is endless running,Sometimes when tired,I have to find a place to rest。Actually everyone is the same,Xia Jian is no exception。
The two touched the glasses first,Then each took a sip。Xia Jian is also welcome,Pick up the bowl,I put a small bowl of noodles in my stomach。Then I started drinking and eating。
Seeing Xia Jian’s boldness,Tie Li also learned Xia Jian。Helpless, a bowl of noodles for her,It’s not easy to eat so fast。


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