Zhang Wenya’s words are loud and loud,Words fall,The meeting room is noisy again,Participants discussed works in twos and threes。

quickly,Determination of the personnel composition of the project company。Subsequently,Wu Zesheng first stated,Agree to Yushi as the project manager of the new project company,And recommended Zhang Zhaoyuan as the deputy manager。
To Zhang Zhaoyuan,You still understand poetry,She is an old man in the company,Have many years of project management experience,I can’t count the items handled by both hands,Wu Zesheng arranged like this,I just want Zhang Zhaoyuan to help her。If she is a ship,That Zhang Zhaoyuan is sail,Help her set sail。
Yu Shi gratefully looks at Wu Zesheng,A warm feeling came to my heart。She misunderstood him the other time,Wu Zesheng suggested that her endorsement for Nan’ao Yaju should also be good for her。
Another way of thinking,Endorsements can increase her influence in the group。
See Zhang Wenya no objection,Wu Zesheng insisted repeatedly,Another Vice President Huang Qiming also agreed。
Things are so settled,Establishment of a new company responsible for shantytown renovation projects,Yushi is the project manager,Zhang Zhaoyuan is the deputy manager。
After the meeting,come back to the office,clam down,Yu Shi faintly regrets,But this regret is fleeting。
The reason why no one wants to accept the shantytown renovation project,One is relative to traditional projects,Much less profit,The more important point is,Demolition and resettlement are the most troublesome things。
First determine the demolition、Resettlement scope and objects,Formulate demolition compensation and resettlement plan,Maybe the old residents will make trouble,There are several nail households。
Yu Shi couldn’t help but sighed,Keep the project simple,The hard thing is yet to come!
but,The stubbornness in her bones makes her like challenging difficulties。and,She had gone with her father to the village where the shed was reformed,The living environment of the people there is really bad,She wants to do something for them,Let them live a better life。
The door was pushed open from the outside,A bunch of flowers were stuffed in,Is her favorite purple rose。immediately,A very gentlemanly dressed man walks in。
“Lao Cui,How did you come?”Seeing Cui Ronghao and the flower in his hand,Yushi’s slightly irritable mood has been relieved。


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