“Two of us in partnership,You take care of,I pay。”Zhang Siwei turned his head and smiled to Xia Shuyue。

“I?what?”Xia Shuyue listened to Zhang Siwei,And looked at this store seriously,I thought I might become a clerk here,Suddenly I think this shop is very warm。
“how about it,Are you interested?”Zhang Siwei saw Xia Shuyue’s expression,Ha ha ha laugh out loud。
“Si Wei,This is too sudden,I’m not ready yet,I have never done business,Don’t know if it will work,I dare not say,I’m afraid of not doing well。”Xia Shuyue also started to be like Zhang Siwei,Start touching here、Look there,Excited。
“Just because you haven’t done business,I just thought about picking up a small shop to train you,See if you have the talent to do business。”Zhang Siwei explained。
“that,In case i have no talent,You invested money,What if I lose?”Xia Shuyue said,But very happy in my heart,She thought if Zhang Siwei really gave herself this opportunity,She must do her best。
140 I am going to be the boss
“Anyway,I count on you,If you don’t want to,Just return to your hometown honestly,Find a stable job,Maybe you are not suitable to roam outside。”Zhang Siwei still laughs。
“Two,Want to take pictures?How old is your baby?”They walk around in the store,Attract the attention of staff,One of the camera assistants came over and asked。
“Temporarily not photographed,Let’s take a look。”Zhang Siwei didn’t explain his intention,this place,She has been paying attention for a while,No one has taken over,She has to observe again。
“Ok,If you need any service,Come to me。”
Zhang Siwei nodded,The staff walked away,They stayed in the store for another five minutes before they came out。
“This shop is not big,Location is ok,If we put it down,Estimated investment of 200,000 is almost the same,I think it works,It depends on your opinion now。”Go outside,Zhang Siwei said to Xia Shuyue。
“I am still worried about losing money,All you invest,I don’t have much money,and,I can’t manage now,Second, can’t take pictures,Lose money by then,I……”Xia Shuyue wants to have this opportunity again,I’m afraid I can’t do it well,Embarrassed。


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