Li Tanyin stared at the boy,The young man looks eager and candid,Elder Qi next to him has a big mouth,Even dare not come out,The secret path’s own Young Palace Master has a big problem this time.,If Li Tan is really obsessed,Really got into the boy’s head,The consequences will be hard to predict,Even if the foreign master is not killed,I am afraid that the young man will be pinched in his palm.。

“Why does Tianzun hesitate?”The teenager is one step closer。
“How did the old man hesitate,It’s just that I didn’t sense the expert from outside the territory。”
“Oh,I let go of the world,You can watch,It’s in the Temple of Five Elements,The wall on the right is‘Eye of Prophecy’。”
Younger go further,Li Tan involuntarily took a step back,This kind of incredible thing happened before our eyes,Elder Qi is already nervous,But can’t do anything,His strength is far from Li Tan,If the teenager is in danger,He is too late to rescue。
And Li Tan’s entanglement is only between one thought,Believe it or not,All have big risks,This little guy is very ghost now,If it ceases to exist,Not only can he not get through,And keep the foreign master,Always a hidden danger,Why don’t you use the divine sense to investigate,Once a flaw is found, the boy will be killed on the spot。
The god-hidden world of young people with spiritual consciousness does not need to show the truth,No big risk,If the monster outside the territory is really crazy,At best, I gave up my spiritual sense and suffered a little injury,And on the surface, it’s a full posture。
“Nothing,I’ll take a look,You might as well say hello to the expert,Just say that Lee visits。”
“What to say hello,After reading,You just start,Mother-in-law,If you miss this opportunity, there will be no chance。”
Li Tan’s face blushed by the boy,Uncontrollable evil,Simply released the true body of Faxiang,Li Tan at this time is the most dangerous,Also the most vulnerable time,If a master suddenly appears to kill his body,Li Tan’s Fa facts became a masterless soul,Although the magic power is,But it won’t last long,vice versa。
“juvenile,Today I believe you will join hands,If there is a lie,Just like this!”Li Tan is talking,The huge face in the sky suddenly stretched out a big hand,Grabbed Elder Qi next to him。
Poor Elder Qi,Even if it’s a god-level cultivation base,In front of Li Tan’s Faxiang, there is no way to fight back.,Caught in the air by that big hand,Immobile,Very sad。
“Wait a minute!”Teenager shouting,“This person and I are both teachers and friends,If you move him,Forgive me for being unreasonable。”
“How are you?”
“I immediately wake that guy up,Let this guy play,Shit joint,You just wait to come back。”
Li Tan is angry,But it didn’t really turn around,Shaking his hand, he threw Elder Qi back,In a blink of an eye, another five-element island congregation was caught from the gate。
“This doesn’t work either。”The boy shouted again,“Your dignified god is so unhappy,Lord, I don’t need you to kill chickens and monkeys,Dare to join hands with you,Willing to bear all the consequences。”
“brat,Too many conditions?”
“You and me join hands,What to do with others?”


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