189 electronic referee volunteers in Xi’an University of Engineering, the 14th Games and the Brief Olympics to help escort

The National Warranty 14th National Games and the Brief Olympics held in Xi’an, Xi’an University of Engineering served as the students of the e-referee professional volunteers, with practical actions to ensure the smooth contribution of the 14th National Games and the Brika.

At the invitation of the State Sports General Administration, the 189 students of the School of Management, Xi’an University of Engineering, were an electronic referee by more than 40 projects in Shaanxi Province. Volunteers, responsible for the collection and system operation and maintenance of the competition information, and participate in service guarantees for each competition project.

The information management and information system professional, the third student, Wang Shuai is assigned to the hockey project.

After receiving the notice in June, in order to do this work, he participated in many online business knowledge training and pre-training training, and cooked all the workflows, work hard, and received colleagues. Consistent praise. He said: "As a Communist Party member, he can participate in this sports event in the event of a hundred years, I am very honored, my life is unforgettable, I will go all out and help the National Games.

"The Sweet Sweet Classmates responsible for football project timing score will repeatedly check the time score equipment and competition data." Our work requires high stringency and zero tolerance for operational mistakes, volunteers need to learn to deploy the event database. The server, and master the entry of the participating personnel and each team information in the special system, arrange the competition schedule, statistical competition data, and publish the results of the game, we must also be familiar with the computer network configuration, network service, program environment, etc.

This volunteer service experience has deepened my understanding of the majors of school, which greatly exercised their own capabilities. "

It is understood that in order to fully do the fourteenth party and the retail period, the electronic referee professional volunteer service guarantee work, through the previous selection, interview, qualification review, etc., the volunteers have also accepted many times. Service knowledge and skill instruction training, launched a pre-ground solid drill, they are familiar with jobs through training, drills and tests, and constantly improve their business level, and have made sufficient development for the 14th National Games and the Successful Olympics. Preparation.

"Go all out, do not disgrace the mission". From 189 e-referee professional volunteers from the School of Management, Xi’an University of Engineering, I was touched by the sports spirit of the athlete in the game. They also showed the responsibility and responsibility of China’s youth.

(Local Contributed Xi’an University of Engineering Li Guan Chen Xu Xu Huanzhang in the dizzling water) (Editor: Mai Wenxiong, Wu Chao) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


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