The Rui refer to the island has two things yesterday, a vigorous, secret, not announced …

Reference message network November 23 (text / Jiang Tao) Yesterday (22nd), two things happened in Taiwan, a vigorous, and the other low-key can no longer be lowered.

The first thing is that tens of thousands of people embarked on the streets of Qiaou Big Parade.

The street sports appeal burst in Taipei on the 22nd, from the opposition to the open-covered lean meat, the pork is encompassed, and the freedom of pressing the temptation of the Zhongtian TV station.

Parade people even shouted Cai Yingwen, Su Shichang stepped down. According to the media, after Cai Yingwen, the Taiwan civil society and the party’s first assembled large protest activities expressed dissatisfaction with the administration of the authorities. It is estimated that at least 60,000 people participate in the activities, and the scale exceeds expectations. The Qiou Dou is from the end of the last century, meaning the autumn fight, also known as the labor big parade, as the name suggests, is a parade for labor rights by Taiwan’s various labor groups.

In the past, only a few thousand people participated, but this year is a bit special: the people who participate in this Qiou Parade are not divided into blue green, because the Ministry of Democratic Party has damaged the interests of the people of Taiwan, accumulating the people, causing all classes, each Consistent opposition of the position of the position. ▲ Island Qiaou Parade debut in Kai Road, Taiwanese people wear black clothes against the DemocreTerate Party. Since the joint news network this year, the administration of the Cai Yingwen authorities has continuously break through the bottom line, especially the opening of the pork containing lean meat, which is a mine area that the previous Taiwan authorities did not dare, but Cai Ying Wen’s authorities It is forcibly open, causing the strong rebound in the southern pig farmers in Taiwan and the concerns of the people to food safety. Many pig farmers are the long-term supporters of the DPP. They have dare to sin, and they can see how the Cai Yingwen’s Wen’s Wen’s Wen’s Wen’s Wen is.

The Taiwan authorities do not give the Zhongtian TV card, which is equivalent to closing this TV station, but also makes the public worry that the authorities are in charge of freedom of speech.

In fact, in the process of taking a good time in Cai Yingwen, Zhongtian TV station is basically a thorn in the eyes of Cai Yingwen because of the Korean Yogu, the Kuomintang candidate.

So there are also netizens who are in the words of the world, because the color is not closed, see those green TV stations (supporting the DPP) will live well.

Continuously accumulated contradictions broke out in Qiaotou. A senior media person pointed out in social media, watching the Skipper scene, a lot of young parents embarked on the streets with a child, they in the family education early, to instill a concept for the child: the Democratic Party authorities want to give us something to eat No longer safe.

There is also a senior netizen saying that if Cai Yingwen is still alone, on food safety and freedom of speech, only the people’s interests have no national interests, and it is expected that the next wave of resistance will be greater, and young people will gradually awake. It is time to teach the DPP.

On the side of the street, the other side, there is a big event that the Taiwan authorities don’t even attempt to make a clearance.

Different from the hot and bustle, the Taiwanese media noticed on the 22nd, a US military specially arrived, and the mysterious American senior officials were triggered. A number of Taiwan Media reported that a US military C-37 administrator entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification area on the afternoon of the Northeast in the afternoon of the Northeast, which is said to be randomly arrived in Songshan Airport, but as for which officials, Taixia media Inconsistent. The close-green Sanli News Net said that the visit to the Taiwan Director Gina Haaspel, but this statement quickly became strictly clarified by the foreign affairs department of the Taiwan authorities. The Taiwan Journal of Journalism reported that the US officials, which were mounted on the air, is the US Navy India, the general commander Steidman, his trip to the intelligence assets between Taiwan. Ettoday News Cloud also reported similar content. It is worth noting that the foreign affairs department of the Taiwan authorities have not made a positive response for the visitors, but it is said that if there is an important US cabinet-level official to visit Taiwan, it will be known for the release of the press release. .

The Taiwan defense department is low-key means that the relevant news is not received, and it cannot be confirmed. The Hong Kong Crutique Agency is published as "mysterious visit Tai Trump last crazy? "The analysis report said that if it is the Secretary for the Central Bureau, it will cause the cross-strait relationship to be tight. If it is not a US military unit, it is inevitable that Trump has some movements, it will inevitably let Cai Dang Bureau are a bit breeze, facing the transformation of internal and external situation, how to have a lot of pressure. According to the report, the Trump government held the first Taiwa Economic dialogue before the next step, and signed a five-year memo, but it is facing the dilemma of the Trump government, this memo can really last for 5 years? Whether the content can really be truly questioned. In addition, the pre-media reported that the US Environmental Protection Services of the US Environmental Protection Agency will plan to visit the table in December. In this regard, Taiwan’s news network said in the form of editorial form, does not welcome Whele to Taiwan. The editorial said that Huiller has long been a coal mining lobbying, strong against the environmental policy of the Obama administration, opposing the "Paris Agreement", his visit really can’t see any positive meaning, Taiwan choice and the upcoming Environmental Protection Director discusses environmental protection policies and Cooperation, giving people a feeling of time and space.

But no matter who the passers is, standing in the mainland position, this is the performance of the external forces in Taiwan, and the mainland resolutely opposes the official exchange of any form, this position is consistent, clear.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that at the 23rd, Zhao Lijian said at the 23rd, the US reporter has urged the United States to fully recognize the high sensitivity of Taiwan issues, abide by the three joint communiqués of China and China, and immediately stop carrying any form of officials in Taiwan. Directation and military contacts, carefully handle cluster issues.

China will make a legitimate and need to respond according to the development of the situation.

Qiucou parade, the people’s grievances; the US official visits, no peace. These two things happen to the same day, which is the same tricky to the people of the People’s Democracy Party. Those who only have their own political private gain, just think about the orbital politician in the island of the United States, will only be traveled in the predicament. Perhaps the name of Qiou, also shows the ending of its wind and rain.

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