The Times Beader of the Strong Army of the New Times

On the people’s army, what is the most precious, most needless?What is it, let a company have been strong in the 94 years of wind and rain?In the past in 1994, "Hongyi" has taken the actual action to use the actual actions: it is a red gene, red tradition.Can you inherit the red gene, carrying the red tradition, and it is related to the nature, purpose and true color of the people.

In September 1927, the "Sanyan Adaptation" has created the glorious history of our army "branch building", and also moltered the "Red" to listen to the immortal army soul.

In the past in 1994, a "red" officers and soldiers have stood the initial mission, inheriting the red gene, continuing the honor of history so far.Entering the new era, "Hongyi" officers and soldiers insisted on the use of the party’s innovation theory to armed the mind, they built the belief of belief, make up the spirit of the spirit, and put the rudder of the stable thoughts, thereby completing countless urgent and difficult tasks, set up a new eraThe Times of the Junjun’s Times.(Chapter Wen) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.


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